August 19-24, 1919

Homer Shantz Travel Notes, August 19-24, 1919
Travel notes pages 56 - 85. Lists his notes of a specific number of plants that were discussed by some of the expedition members and some locals. He also lists plants of importance from Marloth's book. A wild flower market on Adderley Street is visited and Shantz has included a number of photos of the market. He also notes that Dr. Marloth found a new species of Protea that had not been previously known about. Many species are protected and illustrations are placed at the market to avoid their destruction, punishment of being arrested is given when this wild-flower law is broken. A trip to Table Mountain exhibits photos of local plantlife, landscapes, soil, and fruit. The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is visited. Shantz details the grounds through description and more photographs.
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MS 30 Box 5-6
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