October 19-21, 1919

Homer Shantz Travel Notes, October 19-21, 1919
Travel notes pages 364-392. Shantz is a guest at the ranch of H. S. Hall. He gives numerous descriptions of the property and ranch along with information on plants that will grow well within the United States. Mr. Hall agrees to ship and furnish plants for the east coast. He collects specimens from the ranch. While en route to Lorenco Marques he describes the vegetation and surroundings of the following areas: Kaapmuiden, Hectorspruit, Komatipoort, Moamba, Pessene, Tenca, and Matola. Photographs include images of H. S. Hall's ranch, tennis courts, ranch buildings, farm houses, fruit trees, vegetation, Mr. and Mrs. Hall, Thelma Hall, and images taken from the train while en route to Lorenco Marques.
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MS 30 Box 5-6
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