Periodicals indexed

AbbreviationPeriodical title
ACG OutlookArizona Cattle Growers’ Outlook
AHRArizona Historical Review
AmAmérica Indígena
Am AnthropAmericanAnthropologist
Amer AntiquarianAmerican Antiquarian and Oriental Journal
Amer Ind Culture & Res JAmerican Indian Culture and Research Journal
ArizArizona: the State Magazine
Ariz and the WestArizona and the West
Ariz ArchaeolArizona Archaeologist
Ariz ArchitectArizona Architect
Ariz ArtisanArizona Artisan
Ariz BsnsArizona Business
Ariz Bsns BulArizona Business Bulletin
Ariz Bus Econ RArizona Business and Economic Review
Ariz CattlelogArizona Cattlelog (earlier title for ACG Outlook)
Ariz Days & WaysArizona Days & Ways
Ariz Engr ScientistArizona Engineer and Scientist
Ariz Farmer-RanchmanArizona Farmer-Ranchman
Ariz FrontiersArizona Frontiers
Ariz Hist RevArizona Historical Review
Ariz HwysArizona Highways
Ariz Law RevArizona Law Review
Ariz MagArizona Magazine
Ariz MedArizona Medicine
Ariz MunicipArizona Municipalities
Ariz QArizona Quarterly
Ariz RevArizona Review
Ariz Rev Business & Public AdminArizona Review of Business and Public Administration
Ariz SheriffArizona Sheriff
Ariz State Law JArizona State Law Journal
Ariz TeacherArizona Teacher
Ariz TodayArizona Today
Ariz Wild LifeArizona Wild Life Magazine
Ariz Wildlife SportsmanArizona Wildlife and Sportsman
AZ GraphicArizona Graphic
Bldr ArchBuilder Architect/Contractor Engineer
CalifornianCalifornian Illustrated Magazine
Californian Western MoCalifornian; a Western Monthly Magazine (later title, Californian and Overland Monthly)
CentCentury Illustrated Monthly Magazine
Cochise QCochise Quarterly
Community Educ JCommunity Education Journal
DesDesert Magazine
Des Sil Tuc MagDesert Silhouette’s Tucson Magazine
FrontierFrontier, the Voice of the New West
Hist ArchaeologyHistorical Archaeology
Hist Soc Southern Calif QuarterlyHistorical Society of Southern California. Quarterly
Indian EducIndian Education
Int J. Amer LingInternational Journal of American Linguistics
J Amer Indian EducJournal of American Indian Education
J Anthrop ResJournal of Anthropological Research
J Ariz Acad SciArizona Academy of Science. Journal
J Ariz HistJournal of Arizona History
J Graham County HistJournal of Graham County History
J of the WestJournal of the West
J San Diego HistJournal of San Diego History
LSLand of Sunshine
Mag TucMagazine Tucson
N M Hist RevNew Mexico Historical Review
Outdoor ArizOutdoor Arizona
OverlandOverland Monthly and Out West Magazine
Pacific Hist RevPacific Historical Review
Prog ArizProgressive Arizona and the Great Southwest
Southern Calif QSouthern California Quarterly
Sw ArtSouthwestern Art
Sw Assoc Indian Affairs QSouthwestern Association on Indian Affairs. Quarterly
Sw Econ & SocSouthwest Economy & Society
Sw Engr ScientistSouthwestern Engineer and Scientist
Sw HerGreater Llano Estacado Southwest Heritage
Sw Hist QSouthwestern Historical Quarterly
Sw J AnthroSouthwestern Journal of Anthropology
Sw LoreSouthwestern Lore
TucTucson (1928-1940)
Tuc BsnsTucson’s Business
Tuc Market IndexTucson Marketing Index
Utah Hist QUtah Historical Quarterly
Western Hist QWestern Historical Quarterly
Western Livestock JWestern Livestock Journal
Western Polit QWestern Political Quarterly
Western States Jewish Hist QWestern States Jewish Historical Quarterly