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I have watched my children learn the meaning of compassion E. Sovola 1965 CUNNINGHAM, Mrs ROBERT
Whitman of Camp Grant Johnson, Barry C. 1965 CAMP GRANT MASSACRE
The "back" of the Canyon J.Tallon 1966 GRAND CANYON - DESCRIPTION, 1951-
The beginning of Southwestern painting T. Grieder 1966 INDIANS, PREHISTORIC - ART
American Indian painting J. Snodgrass 1967 INDIANS - PAINTING
Merit selection in Arizona --- the first two years J.D.Cameron 1967 JUDGES
The strange story of Dr. Carlos Montezuma L.Summit 1967 MONTEZUMA, CARLOS, 1866? - 1923
The years of a desert laboratory J. Wilder 1967 DESERT LABORATORY
An 80-mile drive that must have seemed like 800 J. De Santi 1968 KIDNAPING
Apaches G. McCool 1968 APACHE INDIANS
George R. "Boots" Fletcher L.A.Homer 1968 STANTON,
Lawman and outlaw G. McCool 1968 BREAKENRIDGE
Lawman and outlaw G.McCool 1968 GRAHAM, WILLIAM
Man tracker B.Brent 1968 VILLA, SYLVESTER
Rock fulgurites on the San Francisco Peaks, Arizona D.G.Davis and W.J.Breed 1968 GEOLOGY - SAN FRANCISCO MOUNTAINS
Sheriff Owens' big bushwhack M. Kildare 1968 OWENS, COMMODORE PERRY
The Clantons and the McClaughrys G. McCool 1968 CLANTON FAMILY
The Clantons and the McClaughrys G. McCool 1968 McCLAUGHRY FAMILY
The mystery smuggler M Kildare 1968 SMUGGLING
Tree growth and precipitation near Flagstaff, Arizona W.S.Glock and S.R.Agerter 1968 RAIN AND RAINFALL
Tree growth and precipitation neat Flagstaff, Arizona W.S. Clock and S.R. Agerter 1968 TREES
Youth and law enforcement S. G. Bayer 1968 SCOUTS AND SCOUTING
Youth and law enforcement S.G.Bayer 1968 YOUTH
A glance at the history and archaeology of the lower Verde River B.Hagenstad 1969 ARCHEOLOGICAL SURVEYS - VERDE RIVER AREA
Arizona's frontier bastion M. Kildare 1969 FORT DEFIANCE
Arizona's frontier bastion M.Kildare 1969 NAVAJO INDIANS - HISTORY
Big Jim D.A.R. Meadows 1969 STINER, JAMES
Coconino County Attorney is native son 1969 FLOURNOY, J. MICHEAL
George R. "Boots" Fletcher L. A. Homer 1969 FLETCHER, GEORGE R
King of the tough cowboys M.Kilders 1969 KING, FRANK M.
Meet Maricopa County's new sheriff D. Espinosa 1969 SHERIFFS
Original newspaper account of famous murder case 1969 POWERS BROTHERS
Original newspaper account of famous murder case 1969 MURDER
Pima basketry C. Field 1969 PIMA INDIANS - BASKET MAKING
Sheriff Esequiel (Zeke) Bejarano 1969 BEJARANO, ESEQUIEL
Successful search and rescue in mid- April 1969 RESCUE WORK
Teacher made us check our pistols F.R.Shearer 1969 COCHISE COUNTY - HISTORY
Teacher made us check our pistols F.R.Shearer 1969 CHARLESTON
The Casa Grande calendar holes R.W.Reaves III 1969 CASA GRANDE NATIONAL MONUMENT
Tombstone sheriff's G.McCool 1969 TOMBSTONE
A little piece of heaven fell J.Roof 1970 NAVAJO INDIANS - HEALTH AND HYGIENE
Athapaskan expansion of the Southwest 1970 INDIANS - LANGUAGES
Burial records unearths Graham County history W.R.Ridgway 1970 GRAHAM COUNTY - HISTORY
Cruising the lower Colorado N.Phillips 1970 COLORADO RIVER - DESCRIPTION AND TRAVEL, 1951-
Disease and death among the Anasazi: some notes on Southwestern paleopidemiology S. J. Kunitz 1970 INDIANS, PREHISTORIC - DISEASES
Ijams name cuts wide swath in Safford's history W.R.Ridgway 1970 SAFFORD - HISTORY
Kachinas E. B. Holien 1970 KACHINAS
Many have written about it, but I killed the white wolf C.E. Gillham 1970 WOLVES
Parks within a city R.Shaffer 1970 PHOENIX - PARKS AND PLAYGROUNDS
R.C.Gorman, Navajo painter J.Manchester 1970 PAINTERS