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You may have heard of the Bisbee deportation M. Hanhila June-July 1975 BISBEE DEPORTATIONS
You shouldn't have to freeze at a fire.' E. Sovola March 21, 1965 ROSS, TOM
You wear what your art Henry J. Seldis June 25, 1972 NAVAJO INDIANS - TEXTILES AND WEAVING
You won't be able to touch this land at this price next month' K. Baze January 21, 1973 LAND DEVELOPMENT
You'll like living in Phoenix E. H. Peplow Jr. April 1957 PHOENIX - DESCRIPTION, 1951-1975
You're not out selling the game F. Malone November 28, 1971 BLACK, JOE
You're really going to Australia? E.Sovola August 17, 1969 HEINDL FAMILY
You're sorta cuckoo Diane Chierighino November 1972 ROADRUNNER
You're sure to meet the blue daleas M. Beal March 1944 PAROSELA
You're watching...what, is that on again? R.Barrett September 22, 1974 TELEVISION
You've come a long way baby! S.L.Miller March 1976 TENNIS
You've come a long way, 'River Rats' J.Heath April 2, 1975 COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES
You've come a long way, 'River Rats' J. Heath April 2, 1975 JUNIOR COLLEGES
You've come a long way, Arizona; so has the National Basketball Association since its first all-star contest 24 years ago January 12, 1975 BASKETBALL
You've come a long way, Tabby F.Malone September 19, 1971 PETS
You've got to go back to get the good ones C. Abbott September 1955 PHOTOGRAPHY
Youir tax dollar, where it goes W. E. Taylor December 1929 TAXATION
Young achiever December 1974 BARNES, WAYNE
Young Arizona goes SCUBA diving February 18, 1962 DIVING
Young Christian at work D. DeWald August 7, 1955 GRANADO MISSION
Young family man with a business purpose January 1950 BEAUDRY, LEE
Young farmer stakes future on cotton May 16, 1965 COTTON
Young farmer stakes future on cotton April 1928 HAMILTON, MERLIN (TUG), Queen Creek
Young girl in a whirl May 1, 1960 KURZ, PAT
Young help for old history; at Pioneer Arizona there is plenty they can do J.E.Cook February 21, 1971 MUSEUMS
Young in Years, giant in production E.Zarbin February 11, 1962 MANUFACTURES
Young man with plans J. Sowell October 1969 VAN ARSDALE, DICK
Young musician lends enchantment to Prescott forest I. Smith January 10 1960 LANGHI, CYNTHIA
Young performers entertain at state hospital E. S. Stites June 19, 1960 MUSIC
Young presidents August 1967 BERRY,LOWELL
Young presidents August 1967 REFSNES, JOSEPH L.
Young pro with the symphonies; Phoenician in the big time practiced long for short career L.Hesler June 5, 1966 McDONALD, CHARLES
Young Robin Hood ready bows and arrows June 24, 1956 ARCHERY
Young scientists for America's future January 17, 1960 SCIENTISTS
Young scientists for America's future January 17, 1960 PHOENIX - SCHOOLS
Young Scissorbill beats old Chisholm train hand R.G.Willson August 11, 1963 CATTLE DRIVES
Young tenderfoot cowboy shoots rancher's grandma R.G.Willson December 13, 1964 COWBOYS
Younger than springtime L. Bryan June-July 1975 WALTON, CLARA AITKEN, 1890-
Youngsters learn traffic safety E.Clark January 24, 1965 SAFETY EDUCATION
Youngtown - four years later J. Stocker January 25, 1959 OLD AGE
Youngtown, Arizona, U. S. A. T. Tarbox January 1957 OLD AGE
Youngtown, Arizona. U. S. A. T. Tarbox January 1957 YOUNGTOWN (Maricopa County)
Youngtown- four years later J. Stocker January 25, 1959 YOUNGTOWN (Maricopa County)
Your blood is his business March 1949 WILKINSON, WILLIAM C
Your body is his business April 1949 DEEMING, JOHN W
Your friendly nearb physicists R. Barrett October 26, 1975 TEACHING
Your friendly nearby physicists R.Barrett October 26, 1975 ARIZONA. UNIVERSITY
Your health care S. M. Morris July 20 1969 PHOENIX - HOSPITALS
Your hosts, the Navajos B. Johnson September 4, 1966 TOURIST TRADE
Your hosts, the Navajos B.Johnson September 4, 1966 NAVAJO INDIANS