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A million dollar burro R.G.Willson September 8, 1974 BURROS
A million dollars in buildings added ... April 1936 ARIZONA. UNIVERSITY
A miner's life O. R. Burgess August 24, 1958 MINES AND MINERAL RESOURCES
A miniature Venice: Florence, Arizona, 1866-1910 R. L. Nichols Winter 1975 FLORENCE - HISTORY
A miniature Venice: Florence, Arizona, 1866-1910 R.L.Nichols Winter 1975 RUGGLES, LEVI
A mining report from Owl Heads Buttes R. E. Wilbur April 12, 1975 MINES AND MINERAL RESOURCES - PINAL COUNTY
A miracle planner for the Wildcats F. Gianelli September 10 1967 FOOTBALL
A miracle planner for the Wildcats F.Gianelli September 10 1967 MUDRA, DARRELL EUGENE
A model meet P. Allen February 5, 1961 AIRPLANES - MODELS
A model shopping park C.Simpson January 7, 1977 CITY PLANNING - PRESCOTT
A modern home in Tucson; the home of Harold Rapport designed by William and Sylvia Wilde January 1949 TUCSON - HOUSES
A modern interoretation of the Garces route D. Van Dyke 1927 GARCES, FRANCISCO TOMAS HERMENEGILDO
A modern town emerges from sagebrush and sand J. McLain October 30 1955 SAN MANUEL
A Mohave cremation H.Key Fall 1970 MOHAVE INDIANS
A Mohave potter's experiment H. F. Dobyns February 1959 MOHAVE INDIANS - POTTERY
A Mojave memory B.Bryan October-December 1966 MOHAVE INDIANS
A moment of youthful indiscretion R.Mahoney November 15, 1964 CONRAD, BOBBY (Phoenix)
A money making move June 1919 PHOENIX - WATER SUPPLY
A monument to America's youth March 1950 4-H CLUBS
A Moqui Indian fete E. Roberts September 1886 HOPI INDIANS
A Moqui Indian fete E. Roberts September 1886 SNAKE DANCE
A more elusive target J. E. Cook March 15, 1970 AUTOMOBILES
A more elusive target J.R. Cook March 15, 1970 AIR POLLUTION
A more elusive target J.E.Cook March 15, 1970 MAYER, ALBERT J.
A morning of terror at 601 E. Madison J. Skelly June 27, 1965 PHOENIX. POLICE DEPARTMENT
A most happy felon S.Kornman April 21, 1973 CRIME AND CRIMINALS
A most happy felon S.Kornman April 21, 1973 PRISONS - SAFFORD
A most happy felon S.Kornman April 21, 1973 SAFFORD CONSERVATION CAMP
A mother learns survival on the desert D.Anderson March 13, 1966 DESERT
A mother's personal story of her son's path to Fort Grant August 3, 1969 REFORMATORIES
A mountain lullaby J. Shine March 1930 BURROS
A mountain of marble G. W. James February 1913 MARBLE
A mounted skeleton of a ground sloth L. F. Brady October 1933 PALEONTOLOGY
A moving force in the world of art: the story of the tucson's watercolor guild. March 1950 TUCSON - ART
A mule on the dodge J.Tallon October 22, 1967 MULES
A multidisciplinary approach to the study of neuromuscular disorders at the College of Medicine April 1974 MEDICAL EDUCATION
A museum will excavate in Navajo Dam project area M-June 1957 EXCAVATIONS (Archeology) - NAVAJO DAM PROJECT AREA
A mysterious bracelet M. R. Harrington November 1933 INDIANS, PREHISTORIC - JEWELRY
A narrow escape R.G.Willson February 9, 1975 YAQUI INDIANS
A national center of scientific activities M. Monroe February 11, 1963 SCIENCE
A national park in the desert; Boulder Canyon region may furnish a new and spectacular national playground when dam is completed and great lake is formed P. Johnston January 1931 COLORADO RIVER - DESCRIPTION AND TRAVEL, 1900-1950
A native American studies program: an institutional approach M. G. Otis Winter 1976 NATIVE AMERICAN STUDIES
A Native American theatre ensemble K. R. Brown October 1973 INDIANS
A Native American theatre ensemble K.R.Brown October 1973 THEATER
A native of Graham County W. R. Ridgeway September 1968 JONES, JOHN CALVIN
A native religious movement among the White Mountain and Cibecue Apache G. Goodwin and C. Kaut Winter 1954 APACHE INDIANS - RELIGION AND MYTHOLOGY
A native Southwestern tea plant V. H. Jones December 1942 ETHNOBOTANY
A native Southwestern tea plant V. H. Jones December 1942 INDIANS - FOOD
A Navaho personal document with a brief Parentian analysis C. Kluckhohn Summer 1945 NAVAJO INDIANS - BIOGRAPHY
A Navaho struggle for land F. D. Reeve January 1946 NAVAJO INDIANS - GOVERNMENT RELATIONS