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Tijerina; the gentling of a militant Chicano leader June 23, 1973 Ole (Tucson Daily Citizen
The Epitaph: greenhorns at work February 19, 1977 Ole (Tucson Daily Citizen
Texas Canyon: isle of interest in sameness sea August 12, 1972 Ole (Tucson Daily Citizen
Q: Dear, what's an 11-letter word meaning higher taxes? A: Arlo Woolery! May 12, 1973 Ole (Tucson Daily Citizen
Cowboy mayor Sid Wilson -- 92 years of callouses, cayuses, Cody and cussin' December 9, 1972 Ole (Tucson Daily Citizen
Being an account of a social evening in Tombstone with Mme Ledeau September 28, 1974 Ole (Tucson Daily Citizen