Bldr Arch

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A look at Arizona's oil and gas futures May 1977 Bldr Arch
Arizona utilities bid on pilot solar power station December 1976 Bldr Arch
Builder's opportunity at Paradise Village March 1976 Bldr Arch
Chino Valley July 1976 Bldr Arch
Construction gains momentum at Palo Verde nuclear plant October 1976 Bldr Arch
Corona del Sol School May 1977 Bldr Arch
Cyprus Bagdad expanding copper mine with $240 million expansion November 1976 Bldr Arch
Diversified natural resources is putting solar energy to work April 1976 Bldr Arch
Energy resources April 1976 Bldr Arch
Industrial parks: aggressive marketing trend forecast for '77 in industrial park development April 1977 Bldr Arch
Kino Community Hospital --- $24 million hospital to serve residents of South Tucson January 1977 Bldr Arch
Making mountains out of tailing November 1976 Bldr Arch
New Gila County Courthouse reflects copper rich land August 1976 Bldr Arch
Palo Verde nuclear plant approved; work to begin June 1976 Bldr Arch
Patented wall system stabilizes Beeline Highway section March 1976 Bldr Arch
Peter Kiewit improving section of important Yavapai County highway October 1976 Bldr Arch
Pima County Sewage Treatment Plant will be most modern in U.S. August 1976 Bldr Arch
Pointe West creates world and atmosphere of its own May 1977 Bldr Arch
Salt River Project expands generating capacity for future May 1977 Bldr Arch
Sky Harbor expansion project March 1977 Bldr Arch
Solar energy - now? May 1977 Bldr Arch
St. Mary's Hospital --- prototype of 21st century architecture January 1977 Bldr Arch
St. Mary's Hospital, Tucson --- prototype of 21st century architecture January 1977 Bldr Arch
Super structure for Tucson January 1976 Bldr Arch
Talent of Bennie M. Gonzales, A.I.A. is known worldwide October 1976 Bldr Arch
The Scottsdale Mall March 1976 Bldr Arch
Tucson's Arizona Bank Plaza reflects ultramodern design September 1976 Bldr Arch
Two year's of site work under way at Palo Verde nuclear station July 1976 Bldr Arch
USS Arizona anchor memorial October 1976 Bldr Arch