Correspondence of Neve to comandante general Croix on conditions and status of California presidios and missions (quaderno segundo, 1777-1779).

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Correspondence of Neve to comandante general Croix on conditions and status of California presidios and missions (quaderno segundo, 1777-1779).
Neve, Phelipe de (Gobernador)
Monterrey. February 25, 1777 to September 19, 1779. 58p. Informes. Letters. Originals, signed.
Neve's correspondence includes (most important documents, service records and promotions, rebuilding mission at San Diego and constructing Capistrano. Details geography of area around San Francisco and Santa Clara mission, especially natural resources. Lists of numbers of officers and craftsmen at four Principal California presidios, supply escorts, real reglamentos pertaining to details of presidio construction and tackle for cavalry companies. Ff. 354-356 is list of salaries and numbers of officers, craftsmen, and rations for presidios crews and ships, including Actual costs vs. Those alloted by missionaries, income from tobacco and other crops, purchase and distribution of mules, horses, and supplies, shipping, tackle for soldiers and settlers. Ff. 359-360 estimates of rations per single man and families, after spoilage in salaries by rank for officers, craftsmen and Naval personnel. Ff. 368-369 allotments of supply rations and money for presidios in Santa Barbara channel. (J. M. Johnson, February 1989)
Carrillo, Mariano (Sargento)
Gongora, Josef Maria (Cabo)
Robles, Juan Josef (Sargento)
Grijalba, Juan Pablo (Sargento)
Beltran (Desertor)
Villagomez (Desertor)
Alegre (Desertor)
Ruiz, Juan (Desertor)
Neve, Phelipe de (Gobernador)
Croix, Cavallero de (Comandante General)
Moraga, Joseph Joaquin (Teniente)
Bucareli y Ursua, Antonio Maria (Virrey)
Ortega, Joseph Francisco de (Teniente)
Fernando y Rivera, Fernando de (Capitan)
Velasquez, Joseph (Alferez)
Ruiz, Diego
Ibazzabal, Isidro
Anza, Juan Bautista de (Teniente Coronel)
Mangino, Fernando
Areche, Josef de (Fiscal)
Serra, Junipero (Fray)
Goya, Manuel Ramon de (Factor)
Canabe, Joaquin (Teniente)
San Francisco (Presidio)(Mision)
Californias (Peninsula)
Loreto (Presidio)
San Diego (Mision)(Presidio)
Canal (Presidio)
Monterrey (Presidio)
Santa Barbara (Presidio)
Capistrano, San Juan (Mision)
Santa Clara (Mision)
Dolores, Nuestra Senora de los (Mision)
Guadalupe (Rio)
Guadalupe (Mision)
San Blas (Departamento)
San Gavriel (Presidio)
Santa Ana (Real)
San Joseph del Cabo (Mision)
Santiago (Mision)
Todos Santos (Mision)
San Xavier (Mision)
Comandu, San Joseph de (Mision)
Purisima (Mision)
Mulege, Santa Rosalia (Mision)
San Ignacio (Mision)
Santa Gertrudis (Mision)
Borja, San (Mision)
Velicata, San Fernando (Mision)
Rosario, Nuestra Senora del (Mision)
Santo Domingo (Mision)
San Antonio (Mision)
San Luis (Puerto) (Mision)
San Carlos (Mision)
San Fernando de Mexico (Colegio)
La Paz (Puerto)
San Joseph (Pueblo)
Monterrey, San Carlos De
Military Groups
Loreto, Compania del Presidio de
San Francisco, Compania del Presidio de
San Diego, Compania del Presidio de
Monterrey, Compania del Presidio de
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 121 ff. 346-374
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 121 ff. 346-374
Cuaderno two and documents not in chronological order.
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