Jurisdictional, civil-military, dispute.

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Jurisdictional, civil-military, dispute.
Quesada Hurtado Mendoza, G. de (Capitan)
Fernandez de la Cuerva, F. (Duke of Alburquerque)
Guajardo Fajardo, D. (Gov.)
Munquira, J. de (Alcalde Mayor)
Bustamante, F. de
San Joseph del Parral?. November 6, 1653 orig. Sgnd.
This is a long narrative account by a number of witnesses, presenting Gaspar's story of how governor Guajardo Fajardo moved into the presidio of San Francisco Xavier de hacatouri and took it over, illegally from Don Gaspar. In the body of the account Guajardo is Charged with over extending his authority, with purposely paying Indians to make war to upset the tranquility of Sonora and with wanting to take the presidio so that he could get more silver from the Caxa in Durango. This appears to be a continuation of documents placed before the 1682 tribunal altho no mention of 1682 is given here. Is mention in here of missionaries and agricultural conditions. The date on the testimony taken is November 16, 1653. Not sure exactly when event took place. Persons- capt. Don Gaspar de Quesada Hurtado de Mendoza, captain of the presidios of Sinaloa; Francisco Fernandez de la Cuerva, Duke of Albuquerque; Diego Guajardo Fajardo, gov. Of Nueva Vizcaya; Juan de Munquira, Alcalde mayor named by Guajardo to Sonora; Francisco de Bustamante, Actual captain of troops in presidio of San fco. Xavier de hacatouri after leaves goes to Villa de San Felipe. (R. Davis) (1975)
Quesada Hurtado de Mendoza, Gaspar de (Capitan)
Fernandez de la Cuerva, Francisco (Duke of Albuquerque)
Guajardo Fajardo, Diego (Gov)
Munquira, Juan de (Alcalde Mayor)
Bustamante, Francisco de (Capitan)
San Joseph del Parral?
First Location
AZU Film 0318 rl. 1653a fr. 0584-0595.
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AP, Parral, Mf. rl. 1653a fr. 0584-0595
An excellent document. See also Film 318 1653a- 0475b-0584a; 0451b-0460b; 0389-0408; 0595b-0691b. Also Film 318 1654a 0374-0394.
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