Letters concerning reimbursment to presidios in alta California

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Letters concerning reimbursment to presidios in alta California
Beltran, Jose Maria (Ministro)
Mexico. December 14, 1791. 96p. Letter informe. Signed.
Informe concerning monetary malpractices in Missiones. Describes overpricing of articles by Jesuits in order to obtain 150% more money than Baja California, and thus be able to attract a larger population by means of a higher pay, changing servant status into muleteer status in some presidios in order to be included in military payroll, a number of mistakes in previous calculation explain how a round figure of four thousand pesos per presidio is requested by Monterrey, and three thousand by San Francisco and San Diego while they really should get 1600 and 1200 respectively, and futile efforts to bridge the differences. Detailed description of difficulties in every day life in Alta California, trying to justify a raise in pay. Letters granting a total of five thousand two hundred pesos for the four presidios and a raise of four hundred pesos for clothing. Letter describing living conditions and architecture of presidios in Alta California, arguing that it will be cheaper to rebuild than to repair. Letter from Monterrey complaining about difficulty in finding Indians to repair the presidio due to the cold winter. Letter requesting revision of final figures to presidios in Alta California, since Fages (who had the decree) passed away. Description of Californias demography. Letters informing payment to Santa Barbara's presidio. (T. Kahana, sept.1989)
Beltran, Jose Maria (Ministro)
Echeverte, Juan Jose de
Areche, Jose Antonio de (Fiscal)
Martinez de la Canal, Joseph Antonio (Ministro)
Neve, Phelipe de
Croix, Caballero de (Comandante)
Soler, Nicolas
Fages, Pedro
Nava, Pedro de
Anza, Juan Bautista de (Teniente Coronel)
Marin, Campo
Revilla Gigedo, Conde de (Virrey)
Sandobalez, Felix
Carcaba, Manuel de (Havilitado General)
Goya, Manuel Ramon de (Factor)
Arillaga, Jose Joaquin de (Gobernador)
Arguello, Jose (Teniente)
Borica, Diego de (Gobernador)
Branciforte, Marques de (Virrey)
Loreto (Presidio)
Monterrey (Presidio)
San Diego
San Francisco
Santa Barbara (Presidio)
San Blas
San Jose (Pueblo)
San Joaquin (Fuerte) (Puerto)
Angeles, Nuestra Senora de los (Pueblo)
San Lucas (Cabo)
Santa Anna (Poblacion)
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 216 ff. 401-456
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 216 ff. 401-456
A number of folios photographed twice.
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