Documents concerning accusations of mistreatment of Indians in missions in alta California

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Documents concerning accusations of mistreatment of Indians in missions in alta California
Concepcion, Antonio de la (Fray)
California. August 20, 1798. 278p. Informes. Letters. Signed.
Informe concerning complaints from Concepcion against a number of frays from misiones fernandinas. Complains include doctrination of Indians in their own languages, baptism without previous instruction, economic inequality between missions, and a number of petty complaints, Concepcion is accused of being crazy, and transfering him to another colegio is recommended. Follows letter from Concepcion asking for audience from virrey and detailed account of situation. Questionnaire sent by Borica to comandantes of presidios asking about situation in misiones; answers describe in some detail every day life of converted Indians including housing, daily diet and clothing in misiones (folios 10-41). Follows copy of informe previously sent to Branciforte by Borica, and now sent to Azanza. Letter from Buenaventura describing in detail con un Muchacho y Le mando que Se Vaya a fornicar. Borica certifies Arenaza's good record in official document. Follows summary of book-keeping in missions of Nueva California. History of religious, military and civil dominance in California since 1772 is described in some detail by Lull, asking to clear the name of the Missiones in California. Fiscal de la real hacienda suggests sending Concepcion back to Spain to avoid scandals. Unsigned document explaining how missions in California should be divided among different orders. In a long document Laruen summarizes in detail everyday life in missions in California special detail on punishment to Indians, number of lashes, instrument etc, claiming that if something, the treatment to Indians is very soft (mui blando el trato), also very detailed account of aranceles of all missions in California. Laruen asks to dismiss the whole incident with Concepcion, explaining that it is all based in anger of neighbor misiones and presidios due to his bad attitude toward them, follows similar detailed account on housing including measurements of dwellings, materials of clothing, money allocated. This informe and particularly the one that follows are an answer to accusations made by Borica and a number of captains of presidios in the area. (folios 63-101, 104-111). Following is a long document from Arillaga explaining discrepancies between reports from missionaries and military personnel, he explains cada uno dice de la Feria, como Le fue en ella. (folios 112-119). Letters from fiscal de la real hacienda clear the misiones from any fault, concluding the expediente
Martinez de Arenazal, Pasqual (Fray)
Sanches, Francisco Miguel (Fray)
Garcia, Diego (Fray)
Fernandez, Josef Maria (Fray)
Torrent, Xilario (Fray)
Concepcion, Juan Antonio de la (Fray)
Cordoba, Alberto de (Ingeniero)
Buenaventura (Fray)
Lasuen, Fermin
Peiri, Antonio (Fray)
Borica, Diego de (Gobernador)
Azanza, Miguel Joseph de (Virrey)
Arguello, Josef
Gonesechea, Felipe
Martinez, Esteban
Cordoba, Alberto de
Branciforte, Marquez de (Virrey)
Rebuelta, Lorenzo (Fray)
Gonzales Calderon, Miguel
Galvez, Jose de
Bucareli y Urzua, Antonio Maria (Virrey)
Valero, Marquez de (Virrey)
Conquista, Duque de la
Costales, Gabriel (Capitan)
Lull, Miguel (Fray)
Yriarte, Pedro de (Fray)
Vega Villasis y Cordoba, Laso de la (Cavallero Comendador)
Valcarcel, Domingo
Goycoechea, Felipe de (Comandante)
Soler, Pablo (Cirujano)
Pava, Luis (Cirujano)
Laruen, Fermin Francisco (Fray) (Presidente)
Romero, Joseph Antonio
Saavedra, Ramon (Comandante)
Cortes, Juan (Fray)
Tapis, Estevan (Fray)
Valencia, Martin de (Fray)
Weissen, Matias (Fray)
Benicio, Felipe (Ybon)
Cota, Pablo (Alferez)
Senan, Jose (Fray)
Santa Maria, Vicente de (Fray)
Berenguer de Marquina, Felix (Virrey)
Arillaga, Jose Joaquin de (Gobernador)
Lopez, Baldomero (Fray)
Galiana, Domingo (Fray)
Garijo, Agustin (Fray)
Pena, Thomas de la (Fray)
Callejas, Pedro (Fray)
Nueva California
San Fernando (Colegio)
Queretaro, Santa Cruz de (Colegio)
San Diego
Mexico, Ciudad de
San Miguel (Mision)
Monterrey (Presidio)
San Francisco (Mision)
Santa Clara (Mision)
Santa Cruz (Mision)
San Joseph (Mision)
San Carlos (Mision)
Padua, San Antonio de (Mision)
San Luis Obispo (Mision)
Soledad (Mision)
San Juan Bautista (Mision)
Santa Barbara (Mision)
San Gabriel
Capistrano, San Juan
San Blas
Colorado (Rio)
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AZTM, AGN, Vol. 216 ff. 001-131
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AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 216 ff. 001-131
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