Autos formados sobre el repartimiento de tierras en la colonia del Nuevo Santander pertenecientes a las miciones de California

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Autos formados sobre el repartimiento de tierras en la colonia del Nuevo Santander pertenecientes a las miciones de California
Mangino, Fernando Jose
Ossorio, Joseph (Visitador)
Casas, Julian de (Capitan)
and others
Mexico, Aguayo, Padilla, guemes. September 24, 1768- March 3, 1769. 72p. Letters, informes, autos. Originals.
The administrator of misiones de Californias asks the viceroy to return some of the land that belonged to the missions and were later given to settlers of Villa de Hoyos and Cerro Santiago, because remaining agostaderos are not enough to sustain the cattle. Survey is effected, and declaration is taken to vecinos and estate administrators from several villages in the area, recording in very precise and detailed way the limits of each agostadero, private estate and of the jurisdictions of each village. Sometimes the number of animals raised in each agostadero is also declared. Witnesses of the division of the hacienda of California, when the new villages were founded, describe which were the limits of that original unit. Vecinos ask the limits to be maintained as they are, because any reduction in their estates would menace their economic stability and ultimately lead to the depopulation of the frontier. Some of them Argue that the land they received did not belong to the missions but was occupied by Indians. Two agostaderos called Nochebuena and Corcobado, seem to be the main source of the conflict. (A. Nielsen, October 1989)
Valiente, Pedro
Ibarra, Pedro
Palacios, Juan Fernando
Ossorio, Joseph
Mangino, Fernando Jose
Escandon, Jose de (Coronel)
Casas, Julian de las (Capitan)
Lopez de Quintela, Alonso (Teniente de Gobernador)
Betanqur, Luis de
Olasaran, Jose Luis
Minioz, Juan (Capitan)
Basques Tamallo, Manuel
Samora, Fernando (Sargento)
Basquez, Bernabe
Flores, Manuel
Rodriguez, Jose
Saldana, Pedro
Gil, Diego (Mayordomo)
Hurta, Jose
Ibarra, Domingo de (Mayordomo)
Rodriguez, Lorenzo
Abalos, Cayetano (Capitan de Justicia)
Escobeda, Jose (Regidor)
Paz, Gregorio de la (Capitan)
Hoyos, Santo Domingo de (Villa)
Charco Azul (Agostadero)
Corcobado (Agostadero)
Nochebuena (Agostadero)
Aguayo (Villa)
Mesas Prietas (Agostadero)
Tamaulipa Vieja (Agostadero)
Juntas (Agostadero)
Jabaly, Cerro del (Agostadero)
San Pedro (Agostadero)
Santa Maria (Agostadero)
Pilon (Rio)
Baratillo (Arroyo)
Tamaulipa la Nueva
Purificacion (Rio)
Escamilla (Puesto)
Taumabe (Rio)
Santiago, Cerro de (Villa)
Guemes, San Francisco de (Villa)
Llanos, San Antonio de los (Pueblo)
Padilla, San Antonio de (Villa)
San Pedro (Rio)
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 179 ff. 001-036
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 179 ff. 001-036
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