Autos concerning Nayaritas and guasamotecos who threatened to kill missionaries and free prisoner Juan Tonate from jail in Mexico.

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Autos concerning Nayaritas and guasamotecos who threatened to kill missionaries and free prisoner Juan Tonate from jail in Mexico.
Alcantara, Pedro
Mateo, Juan
Lerma, Manuel de
and others
Guazamota, Santa Maria de-Mexico. February 12, 1761-November 1766. 104p. Autos. Originals. Signed. Copies.
Letter found seeking money and help from other Indians in order to free Juan Tonate et Al from jail in Mexico, and to join together to kill missionaries; testimony taken from witnesses; three men from San Lucas and one from Guazamota sentenced to five years in jail; three of four released after four years served, one Dies in jail; prisoners questioned; prisoners transferred; judge named; captain expresses concern Indians in towns planning to come together in resistance; question whether letter fabricated by guazamotecos; idols found which point to unrest; captain stresses that Ladino Indians from San Lucas and Guazamota not be allowed to mix with Nayaritas; fray Ibarra doubts whether the Nayaritas involved in plot based on their rusticity; residents of San Lucas and Guazamota express fear that Tonate would kill natives and steal livestock when released from jail, so did not join conspiracy to kill priests; brigade formed to stem Indian hostilities; Nayaritas and guasamotecos seen to be quiet; bishop supports request to release prisoners as crime small in relation to punishment. (p. Coyle, October 1989)
Gorraes, Francisco Joseph de
Gatuna y Lemos, Joseph Xavier (Capitan)
Alcantara, Pedro
Mateo, Juan
Lerma, Manuel de
Fringares de Salasar, Pedro (Capitan de Guerra)
Serratos de la Messa, Antonio
Francisco (Indio)
Martinez, Juan
Aillon y Monrroy, Pedro Pablo
Plaza, Isidrio de (Cabo)
Pedro (Indio)
Juan Joseph (Indio)
Marcelino (Indio)
Cumplido, Matheo
Minjares de Salazar, Pedro
Cruz, Juan de la
Areche, Joseph Antonio
Bucarelli y Ursua, Antonio
Famaron y Romeral, Pedro
Aguaero, Josef Carlos
Cruz, Domingo de la
Flores, Juan
Reyes, Pascual de los
Santiago, Pascual de
Rivas, Nicolas Francisco de
Rodriguez, Juan
Feliz, Lucas
Alvarez Prendes, Eusevio
Fayni, Josef
Ramirez, Joseph
Mendoza, Joseph de
Valdes, Martin de
Rendon, Gregorio
Santos, Mathias de los
Mingares y Zalazar, Pedro
Rivera y Castro, Juan Antonio
Lopez, Francisco
Briones, Joseph Antonio Ramon
Russa, Juan de la
Prido y Ballesteros, Francisco Joseph
Perez de Velasco, Joseph Antonio
Valcarcel, Domingo
Ibarra, Pedro de Santa Aria de (Fray)
Tonate, Juan
Quintara, Ygnacio
Calatayud, Alfonso
Gomez, Bernardo Antonio
Aguero, Joseph Carlos de
Criullas, Marques
Mendieta, Juan Anastacio de (Capitan de Guerra)
Lobatos, Juan
Tamaron, Pedro (Obispo)
Mario (Indio Guazamoteco)
Mendoza, Joseph (Gobernador)
Valdez, Antonio
Delgado, Francisco Joachin
Escovar, Francisco Xavier
San Laguneros, Santa Rosa los
Guazamota, Santa Maria de
Mesquital, San Francisco de
San Lucas
Santa Theresa
San Antonio
San Andres Cuameata
Valero, San Francisco Xavier de (Presidio)
Naiarit (Provincia)
Santa Rosa (Pueblo)
Peyoten, San Juan
Bolanos (Real)
Mesa (Presidio)
Nueva Vizcaia
San Antonio (Pueblo)
San Bernabe (Pueblo)
Santa Maria (Pueblo)
Military Groups
Reyna, Regimento de la
Majestad, Real Ejercito de Su
Espanoles de Infanteria, Reales Guardias
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 167 ff. 001i-047i
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 167 ff. 001i-047i
Ninth grouping in Volume starting with ff. # 1; five unnumbered ff. Of expedientes preface foliated autos, backside ff. #15 blurred and recopied.
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