sobre medios para extraer los indios gentiles que havitan en las barrancas de la Sierra Madre

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sobre medios para extraer los indios gentiles que havitan en las barrancas de la Sierra Madre
Ugarte y Loyola, Jacobo
Borica, Diego de
Rouset de Jesus, Francisco
Nava, Pedro de
Chihuahua, tecorichi, Mexico, monteverde. November 17, 1791 - October 29, 1792. 34p. Approximate. Letters, noticias de misiones. Originals, copies.
Concerns the attempt at reduction of Indians that inhabit the Sierra Madre and to then be under the tutelage of Gallardo and the establishment of missions for this purpose. The reduction of the same Indians mentioned above with the aid of Carin and Rouset de Jesus into the Pueblo of Tecorichi, but after the disturbances in this Pueblo, due to the introduction of this new group, they were transported to San Carlos where they remained for a year and cultivated the land. Retired to their mountains when not given control over Tecorichic. Visit made to the Pueblo of Tecorichic where only two Indians of the group mentioned earlier remained. Spoke with them via interpretors and they agreed to try to convince the others to incorporate themselves into the town. This matter will also involve Rouset de Jesus but with the understanding that no new missions or pueblos are to be established, Indians are to incorporate themselves into existing institutions. Ochoa is the source of census information on Indians in question. Use of listel and Corral stone in enticing the Indians to cooperate at the cost of 500 or 600 pesos. Schedule listing missions and number of Indians baptized there as well as decision that best way to enact the reductions and the conversions would be to send priest into the rancherias and not through the use of force. The money that will be needed to enact the reductions and the conversions have been approved in a plan with specifications provided by Nava. Approval of some involved by resolution of the junta Superior of the real hacienda signed by the fiscales involved. Nava's acknowledgement of orders to proceed with the above plans. (O. Velez, February 1990)
Gallardo, Joseph (Padre Fray)
Ugarte y Loyola, Jacobo
Merino, Manual
Borica, Diego de
Carin, Justo
Rouset de Jesus, Francisco (Fray)
Nava, Pedro de (Comandante General Brigadier)
Labal, Ignacio Maria (Fray)
Tubares, San Miguel de (Doctrinas)
San Andre (Pueblo)
Ana, San (Pueblo)
San Pablo
Carlos, San
San Andres
Navogame (Mision)
Baquiriachi (Mision)
Miguel de Tubares, San (Mision)
Norogachi (Mision)
Tonachi (Mision)
Guaycabo (Mision)
Siroquichi y Carichic (Mision)
Babozoco (Mision)
Bartolome, San (Valle)
Baborigame (Mision)
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AZTM, AGN, Vol. 162 ff. 063-080 (Approx)
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AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 162 ff. 063-080 (Appro
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