Letters from clergy of Sonora regarding the new method for physical and spiritual development in new and established missions

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Letters from clergy of Sonora regarding the new method for physical and spiritual development in new and established missions
Munoz, Alonso (Fray)
Garay, Domingo de (Fray)
Cartagena, Romualdo (Fray)
and others
September 10, 1772-October 27, 1772. 137p. Letter copy
Concerns frays' thoughts on the virrey's new method the ultimate goal of which is firm establishment of reducidos, establishment of new missions and development of missions perfection of spiritual culture and progression of spiritual conquest in north America. Effectiveness of method to depend on proper maintenance, election of qualified ecclesiastic as well secular workers chosen by prelados regulares and enactment of exact rules for missionaries and governors to follow. Concerns necessity for fortified presidios and expedition of Spanish forces with knowledge of nature and enemy's ways to protect missions against increasing movements of infidels on frontier. Petition for virrey's attention regarding proper wages for troops, ministers' salaries reimbursement for expenses incurred and maintenance of synods. Financial provisions to be made by instituting proxy for each province containing missions. Frays advise that to achieve goal, need to populate new areas, and establish new missions in most fertile areas. Indians should learn at the mission weaving or another laborio for commerce and must only be taken from mission for a true service of the crown. Detailed description of missionary duties and rules for the conversion of souls. Mention of Solorzano and book iure indiarum. Description of projects to be undertaken after seeds, raise birds and instruct converts in political and personal relations. Ministers must be most literate and must teach Indians Castellano. Missions must have a teacher and a school. Discusses Indian ideas on land ownership, but recommends a system of common land for Indians until their sufficient yield to divide it. Ideas expressed on Indian behavior, appropriate religious practices, mandatory daily town meetings to explain catholic concepts and use of agriculture, trade and kind treatment to attract Indians or return them to missions. Noted that Pimas are lazy and have few useful skills while Opatas are more hard-working and skilled due to more interaction with the Spanish. Concerns also need for doctors and hospitals. Discusses baptisms, Indian government and Indian obedience to their superiors. (M. Dannemiller, October 1987)
Munoz, Alonso (Fray)
Bucareli y Ursua, Antonio (Virrey)
Reyes, Antonio de los (Fray)
Garay, Domingo de (Fray)
Torrevilla (Padre)
Croix, Marques de
Buenaventura Ruiz de Esparza, Antonio (Fray)
Cartagena, Romualdo (Fray)
Torrevilla, Martin (Fray)
Quiroga, Basco de
Lopez, Melchon (Fray)
Jesus, Antonio Margil de
Valero, Marques de
Rebullida, Pablo de la (Fray)
Cassa Fuente
Guadalajara, San Francisco de (Convento)
Queretaro, Santa Cruz de (Colegio)
Mexico, San Diego de
Zacatecas, Guadalupe de (Colegio)
Pimeria Alta
Pimeria Baja
Guathemala (Audiencia)
Rio Grande
San Bernardo, Nuestra Senora de la Punta (Mision)
San Baptista (Mision)
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AZTM, AGN, Vol. 152 ff. 001-069
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AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 152 ff. 001-069
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