numero 8letters concerning promotion for Guifas, problems with senior officers, illness, and financial problems

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numero 8letters concerning promotion for Guifas, problems with senior officers, illness, and financial problems
Guifas, Josef Maria
Favian de Puga, Antonio
Savaga, Diego
and others
Nueva Santander. October 2, 1786. 330p. Letters. Signed.
Guifas wrote several letters to the viceroy complaining of Younger officers being promoted over him. Francisco Lazaya promoted to second alfarez. Guifas describes in detail the military careers of his Father, Jose Manuel Guifas, and his Brother. Guifas' Father was a leader in the conquest of Nueva Tamaulipas. Two sargents, with less experience, were promoted over Guifas. Guifas threatened to retire if no action was taken. Guifas wrote of same problems to gobernador Diego Savaga. Viceroy sends letter recommending that Guifas receive the next available promotion. Letters from fellow officers stating Guifas unworthy of promotion. Guifas writes several letters to viceroy explaining his recent illness. Detailed physical description of Guifas. Testimony from Manuel lornos concerning military conduct of Guifas and fellow soldiers. Guifas received bloodletting treatment for his illness. Guifas' captain Mungier reported that Guifas had stolen military livestock. Guifas suspicious that his captain and wife are having a liaison. Guifas wrote letter to viceroy accusing the captain of misconduct and denied the charges of extortion. Guifas wrote that captain had conspired to kill him. Guifas blinded due to illness. Wrote requesting overdue promotion and disability due to blindness. Requested permission to go to Mexico to be cured of illness. Wrote concerning financial problems. Guifas inherited land and five slaves upon mothers death. Juan de Sosaya gained control of Guifas' land. Land planted in Maguey. Sosaya producing Mezcal and selling for 20 pesos per barrel. Guifas wanted action taken to regain control of land. (K. Mccaston, September 1989)
Guifas, Josef Maria (Sargento)
Favian de Puga, Antonio
Savaga, Diego (Gobernador)
Lazarga, Diego (Capitan)
Cuespo, Francisco Antonio
Sosaya, Francisco
Lazaya, Jose Francisco
Varilla, Antonio (Coronel)
Ugalde, Juan
Ganza, Alfonso de la
Galvez, Conde de
Mendinueta, Pedro
Sanches Pareja, Eruvebin
Andar, Francisco
Chavez, Luis
Bermudes, Juan Francisco
Lopez Valdez, Jose
Camango Delgado, Ignacio
Vidal de Lonca, Melchon (Gobernador)
Cordoba, Francisco de
Muguien, Juan Maria
Mazon, Manuela
Guifas, Jose Manuel
Mungiez, Jose Maria (Capitan)
Somoano Alonza, Simon de
Rabajo, Conde de
Palacio, Juan Fernando
Jimenez, Pedro
Gonzales Santianes, Vizente
Tamayo, Augustin (Fray)
Guiterres de la Cueva, Juan
Herrara, Vicente
Flores, Juan Antonio (Virrey)
Sierragorda, Conde de
Bataller, Miguel de
Cerra, Juan Antonio de la
Nava, Pedro de
Galbes, Conde de (Virrey)
Revilla Gigedo, Conde de (Virrey)
Maximilliano de Maxent, Francisco
Maxiano de las Casas, Jose
Casafuerte, Marquez de
Antonio de la Serra, Juan
Fernandez Palacio, Juan
Fuente, Luis Antonio de la
Reyes, Eugenio de los
Baliente, Pedro
Echeaganay, Francisco
Tepeda, Juan Alejandro
Ruis, Manuel
Saldana, Bacilio
Ayes, Pedro Alonso de
Nueva Tamaulipas
San Carlos (Villa)
Nueva Santander
Croix (Villa)
Padilla (Villa)
Loredo (Villa)
Military Groups
Nueva Santander, Primero Compania Volante de
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 150 ff. 238-403 (Approx)
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 150 ff. 238-403 (Appro
Volume not foliated, 49 pages blank or illegible
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