Letters from Lacomba/Cossio to Ugalde; concerning a variety of matters affecting la tercera compania Volante de la colonia del Nuevo Santander.

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Letters from Lacomba/Cossio to Ugalde; concerning a variety of matters affecting la tercera compania Volante de la colonia del Nuevo Santander.
Lacomba, Claudio
Cossio, Nicolas de
Laredo. June 30,1789-September 12, 1789. 92p. Letters. Originals/extractos.
A Series of letters concerning events affecting the tercera and mules in lacombas possession, documenting number and description of horses, monthly troop strength and location reports as well as military rolls, health report for Martinez, death of governor, custom, and problems of borrowing mules and horses from civilian population for transport of military equipment, pardon given to Gutierrez, settlement of debts with Indians, edict setting policy on treatment of ministers of tribunals, promotion of Soto and subsequent dismissal due to alcoholic problems followed by testimony from witnesses of resulting derelictions of duty and finally his replacement with Venavidez, formal charges lodged against Soto, dicharge of bortrego and replacement with Palos, desire to dismiss Puga, shipment of sealed documents to governor, enlistment of Arocha to replace Soto, informing Ugalde of preparation for campaign, recent theft of mules and horses from mission and statement from priests in charge, problems of acquisition of mules through purchase or legal seizure due to unavailability of said animal, troop movement and destination as campaign looms near, temporarily filling a comission for teniente de justicia with Cossio, Galban handing over command of company to Lacomba, promotions of Echeagarrey ands Gutierrez de la Cueva to assistants to the inspector, Gutierrez de la Cueva assigned the job of shipping arms, orders requesting movement of troops to a more strategic area, impracticality of this due to poor topography, orders to send 100 horses and lacombas reluctance because of Lipanes tribe, filing of credit and debit report for previous year, agricultural activities of mission, late arrival of Arocha and Puga. (O. Velez, October 1988)
Lacomba, Claudio (Capitan)
Zerna, Antonio de la (Teniente)
Martinez, Juan Jose (Soldado)
Gutierrez, Joaquin
Soto, Juan (Cavo)
Venavidez, Jose (Soldado)
Sanchez, Santiago (Soldado)
Borrego, Rafael (Armero)
Palos, Joaquin (Armero)
Gil, Pedro (Soldado)
Puga, Jose Maria de
Puga, Antonio de (Teniente)
Arocha, Jose Ignacio de (Cadete)
Galvan, Manuel (Alferez)
Ponce, Miguel
La Garza, Gayestano
Nallecillo, Fernando de
Ponce Borrego Miguel (Juez)
Menchaca, Jose (Teniente)
Zozaia, Juan Migue de (Teniente General)
Galban, Josef Manuel
Echeagarrey, Jose Maria de (Capitan)
Gutierrez de la Cueva, Juan (Capitan)
Falamante, Matheo (Sargento)
Ugalde, Juan de (Comandante General)
Cossio, Nicolas de
Gonzales, Antonio
San Carlos
Savinas (Rio)
Mier (Villa)
Camargo (Villa)
Rio Grande
Ethnic Groups
Military Groups
Nuevo Santander, Tercera Compania Volante de La
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 053 ff. 475-521 exp. 5
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 053 ff. 475-521 exp. 5
Appears in indice del ramo as exp. 1.
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