Various to Padre Cristobal de Laris. Cartas al Padre Cristobal de Laris.

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Various to Padre Cristobal de Laris. Cartas al Padre Cristobal de Laris.
N.p. 1712-1714, 1751. 12p. Letters. Originals. Signed.
Letters and Memorias to padre Cristobal de Laris and padre Francisco Xavier Yanez; 1) from Manuel Luberiaga, Pasaje, may 29, 1712, 1 page, advises that he hasn't prepared 'memoria' and his 'limosna' hasn't arrived and requests cloth material. 2) from Ignacio Maria Marino, Vaca, may 18, 1713, 1 page, advises sending marks of silver and memoria. 3) from Juan Antonio Balthazar, to padre Francisco Xavier Yanez, Mexico, August 25, 1751, 1 page, discusses settlement of account of deceased missionary and requests 'relequia' for church. 4) from Diego Pora, Alaia, June 3, 1714, 1 page, requests iron for making of hosts. 5) from Juan Manuel Vassaldua, Rahum, 2 pages, April 2, 1714 advises sending of money and requests 'estampas' and 'liensos'. 6) from padre Juan Boltor, San Ignacio de Piaxtla, April 22, 1712 letter, 1 page and memoria, 1 page, letter of best wishes and memoria of requested supplies. 7) from Manuel de Tobar, Toro, April 4, 1712, 1 page, discusses sending of supplies (food stuffs). 8) from Francisco Medrano Ibarra, Santiago, September 24, 1712, 1 page, informs his own poor state of health and death of padre Miguel Ortega. 9) from padre Gregorio de Valdes, Humace, may 2, 1712, 1 page, informs hasn't received news of his limosna. 10) from Gregorio Valdez, Humace, June 1, 1712, 1 page, asks for limosna, comments that land is poorest on the earth. 11) from Andres Antonio Sotomayor, Tehuecos, April 20, 1712, 1 page, informs sending of memoria. Memoria of padre Cristobal brauo, Tomasula de la Sierra de Topia, 1713, 1 page, memoria and merchandise food, cloth material. 13) from Cristobal brauo, Tomasula, may 19, 1713, 1 page, letter informs receipt of irmosna and comments on supply system to mission. 14) memoria of padre Pedro Reynaldo, no date or place, memoria of foodstuffs. 15) from padre Pedro Reynaldo, Maiorani (?), may 15, 1713, 1 page, expresses gratitude for memoria received and informs sending Memorias to other priests. 16) from padre Diego Manuel de Nava, June 22, 1713, San Ignacio, 1 page, (2 copies), advises that he received what was sent for previous year, has listed desired goods in letter Margin. 17) from Bernardo Garfias, Santa Ines, February 26, 1713, 1 page, expresses gratitude for memoria received has list of desired goods written in Margin. 18) from padre Martin Benavidez, memoria and letter, Santa Teresa, November 28, 1713, 3 pages, memoria of articles requested for church, letter acknowledging receipt of limosna and requests more goods be sent and of best quality for Indians. 19) from padre Juan Viasoqui, Sinaloa, June 11, 1713, 2 pages, asks for limosna so that he can pay peons for work on colegio. 20) from Francisco Javier Madariaga, Cuguiarachi, July 19, 1712, invites padre Laris to mission. (J. Erbe) (1977)
Laris, Cristobal (Padre)
Luberiaga, Miguel de
Marino, Ignacio Maria
Balthasar, Juan Antonio
Pora, Diego de
Vassaldua, Juan Manuel
Boltor, Juan P. (Padre)
Tobar, Manuel
Medrano Ibarra, Francisco
Valdes, Gregorio (Padre)
Sotomayor, Andres Antonio
Bravo, Cristobal (Padre)
Reynaldo, Pedro (Padre)
Nava, Manuel de (Padre)
Garfias, Bernardo (Padre)
Benavidez, Martin (Padre)
Viasoqui, Juan (Padre)
Madariaga, Francisco Xavier
San Ignacio
Tomasula de la Sierra de Topia
Maiorani (?)
San Ignacio
Santa Ines
Santa Teresa
First Location
AZTM. Jesuit Hist. Inst. Amer. Div., Tucson. Mf. 06-A-02
Original Location
AGN, Mexico, Jesuitas, Fichero 01-14
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