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Person Last Name Document title Date
Espadas Manuel de Espadas (capitan). Letter to governor reporting lipan paid on San Jose mission resulting in death of six soldiers and robbery. 03-04-1790
Espadas Rafael Martinez Pacheco (gobernador). Governor to capitan Espadas- reviewing two of his letters reporting lipan Indian depredations, and... 03-07-1790
Espadas Manuel de Espadas (capitan). Brief report to governor of scouting expedition along banks of river and encounter with Manchaca Indians. 03-12-1790
Espadas Rafael Martinez Pacheco (gobernador). Orders to organize an expedition to work in cooperation with the Bexar troops to explore river banks... 03-21-1790
Espadas Manuel de Espadas (capitan). Report to governor of arguments between Indians and troops at Rosario mission. 04-09-1790
Espadas Manuel de Espadas (capitan). Letter to governor reviewing location of presidio, possibility of a change of location and the peace treaty... 04-23-1790
Espadas Rafael Martinez Pacheco (gobernador). Letter to capitan Espadas concerning report of stolen horses and mules by carancahuares Indians and... 05-12-1790
Espadas Jacobo Ugarte y Loyola (comandante general). Copy of auto by comandante general outlining regulations for passports for travel travel by... 07-02-1790
Espadas Manuel Munoz (gobernador) and Manuel de Espadas (capitan). Diary of operations for month of August for La Bahia presidio and list of... 09-10-1790
Espadas Manuel de Espadas (capitan). Report to governor that carancahuares Indians have stolen eleven horses despite peace treaty with Spaniards. 09-10-1790
Espadas Manuel de Espadas (capitan). Letter to governor stating that chiefs of carancahuazes Indians have explained the robbery of a number of... 09-29-1790
Espadas Lopez. note to governor stating that recent information suggests duplicity on the part of the coastal Indians and warning that Espadas and... 09-30-1790
Espadas Jose Mariano de Cardenas (fray). Letter to captain Manuel de Espadas declaring that all cattle and livestock on mission territory belongs... 10-05-1790