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Title Date Author(s)
Series of autos on charges brought against Indians accused of theft by the corregidor of Bolanos. 02-09-1771 Velazco, Francisco Antonio, Gatuno, Josef Xavier, and others
Series of documents certifiying an earthquake that occurred in Colotlan 1774. 03-27-1775 Cordova, Juan Vicencio de, Cruz Pacheco, Josef Calixto de la, Gatuno, Josef Xavier and others
Series of autos and testimonies of military operations in the area of Guejuquilla jurisdiction of Colotlan. 05-22-1758 Galicia, Josef Belardo, Gatuno, Josef Xavier, Madrid, Christoval and others
Series of testimonies and certificacions about conquest of Indians from Nayarit 1770-1778. 11-08-1770 Gatuno, Josef Xavier, Ruiz, Antonio Matheo, Campa, Bernave de la, and others
Series of autos dealing with the conquest and reorganization of the provincias of San Luis Cololtlan 1773-1777. 11-06-1773 Torres, Alejandro de, Gatuno, Josef Xavier, Gonzalez, Mathias and others
Certifications about services made to crown by troops of the town of Totatiche under jurisdiction of Colotlan. 11-13-1773 Gatuno, Josef Xavier, Ocampo, Francisco Xavier, and others
Testimony on the reconquest of San Josef de Nayarit with the help of troops from Colotlan. 04-10-1724 Flores de San Pedro, Juan (Gobernador), Gatuno, Josef Xavier, And Oters
Concerns all out campaign ordered to punish Indian rebels who attacked Spanish property and killed some christians. Documents on land leasing for Indians of Santa Maria and Santiago. 04-08-1718 Marquez, Nicolas, Gatuno, Josef Xavier
Letters dealing with legal documentation on abuses committed by Indians from Pueblo de Mamata, against Spanish property. 11-28-1772 Gatuno, Josef Xavier
Series of autos about the inhibiciones of Indians auxiliaries tlaxcalas and Chichimecas from the area of Zacatecas. Copies of autos enacted by viceroy, provides protection for such Indians. 03-20-1592 Gatuno, Joseph Xavier, Campa, Antonio de la