Coral Way Bilingual Elementary School

Coral Way Elementary School in Dade County, Florida, is considered to be the first public school bilingual bicultural education program for both English and Spanish speakers in the United States. It began as a way to accommodate the thousands of children of Cuban refugee families that streamed into southern Florida at the time of and just after the Castro’s Cuban revolution of 1959 and was subsidized by authorities.

Alejandro Perez, Cristina Vasquez, Eduardo Carballo and Nadania Vega: interview with Coral Way staff members

Interview with Coral Way staff members: Alejandro Perez, Principal at the time of the interview; Cristina Vasquez, K-5 Lower Academy Lead Teacher at the time of the interview; Eduardo Carballo, 6-8 Upper Academy Lead Teacher at the time of the interview; Nadania Vega, former principal. Length: 1:09:51
Perez, Alejandro
Vasquez, Cristina
Carballo, Eduardo
Vega, Nadania


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