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A descriptive bibliography on the San Antonio-San Diego mail line K. S. McMillen October 1955 STAGECOACHING - BIBLIOGRAPHY
A desert Christmas K. Gregor December 18, 1955 CHRISTMAS
A desert culture site near Two Guns, Arizona B.Barrera Jr February 1969 EXCAVATIONS (Archeology) - COCONINO COUNTY
A desert home built on spacious lines R. Moyer May 19, 1957 PHOENIX - HOUSES
A desert valley yields an agricultural empire B. Halvorson March 11, 1956 AGRICULTURE - SALT RIVER VALLEY
A desiccated infant burial from the Verde Valley, Arizona G.A.Wright Spring 1965 INDIANS, PREHISTORIC - MORTUARY CUSTOMS
A desperado named 'Black Jack' dies to musical accompaniment J. M. Myers October 14, 1956 KETCHUM, THOMAS E
A desperate fight with a bear R. G. Willson February 7, 1971 BEARS
A diary of Kit Carson's Navaho campaign, 1863-1864 July 1946 NAVAJO INDIANS - HISTORY
A diet of roses January 26, 1958 ROSES
A different kind of home M.Erhart December 3, 1976 FOSTER HOMES
A dinner with a "circle" Mrs. L. H. Yetter June 1908 INDIANS - SOCIAL LIFE AND CUSTOMS
A dinosaur track, a broom and Poli H. C. James January 1958 DINOSAURS
A dip to remember J.Tallon October 9, 1966 COLORADO RIVER
A dividend from the space program J. E. Serven February 1975 PAPAGO INDIANS - MEDICINE
A doctor in the house February 21, 1960 WARD, ELMER (Phoenix carpenter)
A documented chronology of modern American Indian painting of the Southwest Dorothy Dunn Spring 1972 INDIANS - PAINTING
A doer of big things March 1913 REALTY SECURITIES COMPANY, Phoenix
A door opens toward a new way of life H. Megargee February 23, 1958 REFORMATORIES
A downslope trackway in the De Chelly sandstone, Permian og Monument Valley P.P.Vaughn Summer 1963 REPTILES, FOSSIL
A dream move toward reality July 28, 1963 PRESCOTT COLLEGE
A dream that has come true E. Douglas March 1911 ROOSEVELT DAM
A dream that has come true E. Douglas March 1911 SALT RIVER PROJECT
A dream with two wings N. Leatham November 14, 1965 AIRPLANES
A drink from the dead G. Richardson June 1963 ROBBERS AND ROBBERIES
A dude buys a hat W. Coburn February 1936 RODEOS
A dying custom D. Tortortell August 14, 1976 PAPAGO INDIANS
A dying custom D.Tortortell August 14, 1976 SAGUARO
A fake gunfight in Nogales R.G.Willson April 18, 1971 MILTON, JEFF DAVIS, 1861-1947
A falling Star L. Banks October 4-10 1989 NEWSPAPERS - TUCSON
A family business parallels the growth of Tucson. C.Cardon February-March 1976 TUCSON - RETAIL TRADE
A family of business parallels the growth of Tucson C. Cardon February-March 1976 JACOME FAMILY
A family of rockfounds H. Megargee June 2, 1957 ROCKS
A family of rockhounds H. Megargee June 2, 1957 AGATE
A family of rockhounds H. Megargee June 2, 1957 MUELLER, RALPH (Phoenix)
A family of silvesmiths maintain a great tradition C. Cardon February-March 1976 SILVERSMITHING
A famous farm valley: the Salt River Valley, Arizona H. Welch March 1914 AGRICULTURE
A famous farm valley; the Salt River Valley H. Welch March 1914 SALT RIVER VALLEY
A famous Tucson landmark, the quaint old adobe building March 1950 TUCSON - BUILDINGS
A famous Tucson landmark, the quaint old adobe building; a ten room and five charming shops in an old territorial setting. March 1950 TUCSON - RETAIL TRADE
A fanciful flow of language. R.Mahoney June 27, 1965 ASHURST, EDWARD B (Wickenburg)
A fantastic forest E. W. Musgrave December 1932 JOSHUA TREE
A fantasy in rocks A. Ruland June 15, 1958 CARRARO, ALESSIO M
A fantasy in rocks A. Ruland June 15, 1958 YARNELL (Yavapai County)
A farewell journey on the mighty Colorado B. Avery June 17, 1962 COLORADO RIVER - DESCRIPTION AND TRAVEL, 1951-
A fast cookie in 1, 320 feet of drag D. West September 29, 1974 JORDAN, COLLEEN
A fast cookie in the 1,320 feet of drag D. West September 29, 1974 AUTOMOBILE RACING
A favorite chef shares a few culinary secrets H.Megargee April 13, 1958 PELLETTIER, NICKOLAS (NICK)
A favorite pastime, telling bear stories B. Householder September 29, 1968 BEARS