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Article titlesort descending Date Journal Title
$140,000 stadium will be dedicated October 12 October 1929 Tuc
$815,000 building program to start at U. January 1935 Tuc
(article) January 1936 Tuc
(article) March 1938 Tuc
(Tucson Boy Scouts article) May 1933 Tuc
1932 passes in review January 1933 Tuc
A dude buys a hat February 1936 Tuc
A history of Old Tucson April 1931 Tuc
A hunter's paradise November 1931 Tuc
A legend of Baboquivari April-May 1837 Tuc
A million dollars in buildings added ... April 1936 Tuc
A solid foundation for tomorrow January 1930 Tuc
Accomplishments of 1930 January 1931 Tuc
Agriculture in Pima County March 1929 Tuc
Ajo, "Jewel of Pima County" October 1930 Tuc
Ajo, Arizona's model mining town March 1937 Tuc
Ajo, most beautiful camp in Arizona June 1929 Tuc
American Legion to have new home May 1936 Tuc
Annual dog show February 1934 Tuc
Architecture of the University of Arizona April-May 1937 Tuc
Are Tucson rents too high? January 1938 Tuc
Are Tucson rents too high? January 1938 Tuc
Arizona Cattle Growers' Association 26th annual convention March 1932 Tuc
Arizona College and Bureau of Mines October 1930 Tuc
Arizona college and Bureau of Mines October 1930 Tuc
Arizona College of Mines and Engineering March 1937 Tuc
Arizona Pioneer's Historical Society December 1932 Tuc
Arizona State Museum December 1932 Tuc
Arizona's greater university September 1936 Tuc
Arizona's Indian population August 1930 Tuc
Arizona's new product, Tequila February 1937 Tuc
Baboquivari mountain January 1934 Tuc
Back of the rodeo March 1932 Tuc
Bells of the desert December 1934 Tuc
Boy Scouts of the Catalina Council January 1929 Tuc
Brief history February 1951 Tuc
Bronco Pete orates upon superstition April 1935 Tuc
Brotherhood of locomotive firemen and enginemen April 1934 Tuc
Buck fever season October 1934 Tuc
Building activity in city continues April 1929 Tuc
Building attracts architects November 1934 Tuc
Cacti found in and near Tucson March 1934 Tuc
Calle Alegra gorws up into Congress Street March 1933 Tuc
Casa Grande Pageant March 1929 Tuc
Casa Grande, future metropolis November 1928 Tuc
Chamber of Commerce 1937 projects January 1938 Tuc
Christmas is in Arizona December 1934 Tuc
City building during 1931 January 1932 Tuc
City parks December 1928 Tuc
Classics of Arizona literature November 1932 Tuc
Clifton on the Coronado Trail May 1929 Tuc
College of Mines, U. of A. June 1929 Tuc
Colorful parade opens fiesta March 1931 Tuc
Colorful parade opens Fiesta March 1931 Tuc
Colossal Cave county park April-May 1937 Tuc