Coral Way Bilingual Elementary School historical and official documents, working papers and correspondence

This collection contains digitized copies of historical documents, official documents, working papers and correspondence associated with the Coral Way Bilingual Elementary School. The collection includes daily schedules, letters to parents, conference presentations, curriculum workshops for teachers, faculty lists and many other documents. Through these materials one can get a fuller sense of the daily activities of the school, teacher schedules, student schedules, the objectives of the program and outside educators assessment of the program. These documents serve as a record of the daily workings of the school and the progress of the school through the early years. A variety of daily schedules break down the classroom time by minutes and activities. Letters written during the school’s beginning years show the response of visitors from around the country and the world. A report (undated) by J.L. Logan, Principal, after four school terms, beginning in 1963, covers the pupil progress, personnel, community problems, materials and the reason a bilingual school is needed. An excerpt of the minutes of the meeting of the March 6, 1963 Board of Public Instruction of Dade County includes the official authorization of the “experiment with Bilingual School during 1963-64 school year.”

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