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Governor Castro with CB Radio in Governor's Limousine unknown
Ambassador Castro presenting His Credentials to Bolivian President Rene Barrientos unknown
Ambassador Castro Exiting Building with Bolivian President Rene Barrientos and Entourage unknown
Thank you letter to Patricia Castro for Hosting Lady Bird Johnson during her 1975 visit to Phoenix unknown
Raul Castro's Birthplace unknown
Arizona First Lady Patricia Castro unknown
The Castro Family, Extended Family unknown
Raul Castro Refereeing a Boxing Match unknown
Judge Castro at Daughters of American Revolution Reception unknown
Judge Castro unknown
Raul Castro on the Campaign Trail unknown
Raul H. Castro unknown
Patricia Steiner on Horseback unknown
Raul and Patricia Castro on Wedding Day unknown
Governor Castro on Horseback unknown
The Douglas Destroyer unknown
Raul and Patricia Castro on Horseback unknown
Young Raul Castro unknown
Raul Castro in Boxing Pose unknown
El Milagro Pony Farm; Tucson, Arizona unknown
Raul Castro with College Friends unknown
Patricia Castro with Shetland Pony unknown
Ambassador Castro Visiting School with Former U.S. Ambassador to Ghana William Mahoney; La Paz, Bolivia unknown
Diplomatic Calling Cards unknown
Ambassador Castro Visiting Schoolyard with Former U.S. Ambassador to Ghana William Mahoney; La Paz, Bolivia unknown
Ambassador Castro Bowing; Bolivia unknown
Ambassador Castro Reviewing Argentine Troops unknown
Ambassador Castro Leaving Official Function; Bolivia unknown
Castro Gubernatorial Campaign Button unknown
Ambassador Castro with Top Hat; Bolivia unknown