Sale of public office (juez fiscal).

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Sale of public office (juez fiscal).
Davila y Pacheco, E. (Gobernador de N. Vizcaya)
Peral, M. del
Fernandez de Carrion, J. (General)
Cortes del Rey, V. (Alferez)
Garcia de Cardenas, A. (Capitan)
Andrade, P. de (Capitan) Lorenco, D. (Alferez)
Cane de los Rios, F.
Castillo, D. de
San Joseph del Parral. December 18, 1654 orig. Sgnd.
In these two documents we first have a public pronouncement of support for Melchor's candidacy for the job of treasury judge in Durango, by the men listed below- each offering to pay 500 ducats to the cause. In the second letter governor Pachero acknowledges Melchor's support, sets the office price at 2,000 ducats and chooses Melchor. Mention made here by Pacheco of an encomienda of his in Yucutan. Persons- Enrique Davila y Pacheco, gobernador de N. Vizcaya; Melchor del Peral, Vezino of Parral; general Juan Fernandez de Carrion, Vezino of Parral; alfarez Valario Cortes del Rey, Vezino of Parral; capt. Alonsso Garcia de Cardenas, Vezino of Parral; capt. Pedro de Andrade, Vezino of Mexico City; alfarez Domingo Lorenco, Vezino of Parral; Francisco Cane de los Rios, Vezino of Parral; Diego de Castillo, vezio of Parral. (R. Davis) (1975)
Davila y Pacheco, Enrique (Gobernador)
Peral, Melchor del
Fernandez de Carrion, Juan (General)
Cortes del Rey, Valario (Alfarez)
Garcia de Cardenas, Alonso (Capitan)
Andrade, Pedro de (Capitan)
Lorenco, Domingo (Alfarez)
Cane de los Rios, Francisco
Castillo, Diego de
San Joseph del Parral
First Location
AZU Film 0318 rl. 1654b fr. 0859-0861.
Original Location
AP, Parral, Mf. rl. 1654b fr. 0859-0861
See also- Film 318 1654b- 0857b-0858a.
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