Letters and documents concerning troop strength and military supplies in Nuevo Santander.

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Letters and documents concerning troop strength and military supplies in Nuevo Santander.
Simon del Campo, Pedro
Arredondo, Joaquin de (Comandante General)
Monterrey, agualyo. October 13, 1815. 14p. Letters, military documents. Originals, copies.
Letter ordering the reporting of troop strength on the first day of each month, all points to send this information to comandante general except for Laredo and Villas who will send them directly to Monterrey, also the establishment of daily diaries of occurrences; includes two documents one entitled compania and the other tronco de caballada neither of which has been filled out; document titled milicias provinciales del Nuevo Santander which includes information on uniform supply, riding gear; lette stating that while the real erario is away and captains are not on active duty they should not receive a salary since they are men of means, Arredondo is to decide what the troops are in need of; document stating troop strength and destination for third fourth and fifth companies of Nuevo Santander; letter analyzing the numbers in last document regarding horses, weapons etc, finds that a high percentage of troops are virtually useless since they have neither arms or horses, recommendation that abov mentioned should leave the militia and the saving of money associated with the decrease of total salary disbursed should be used to better equip existing troops, possibility of requesting arms from settlers for use by militia and troops. (O. Velez, September 1989)
Simon del Campo, Pedro
Fernando, Jose Antonio (Capitan)
Fermin D Juanicotena, Juan (Capitan)
Garza, Felipe de (Capitan)
Quintero, Juan (Teniente Coronel)
Chabarri, Ramon (Teniente Graduado)
Barverena, Jose Maria (Teniente de Exto.)
Lopez, Francisco
Arredondo, Joaquin de (Comandante General)
Quintero, Cayetano (Coronel)
Echeandia, Juan
Alcabalas (Receptoria)
Altamira (Guarnicion)
Military Groups
Nuevo Santander, Tercera Compania de Milicias Provinciales
Nuevo Santander, Quarta Compania de Milicias Provinciales
Nuevo Santander, Quinta Compania de Milicias Provinciales
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 227 ff. 106-112 exp.4
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 227 ff. 106-112 exp. 4
This series of documents is listed in the indice del ramo de Provincias Internas as expediente 5
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