Documents relating to charges brought by Moreno y Castro against Pison y Gusman for blasphemies, drunkenness, debts and other bad conduct, in Loreto.

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Documents relating to charges brought by Moreno y Castro against Pison y Gusman for blasphemies, drunkenness, debts and other bad conduct, in Loreto.
Pison y Gusman, Gaspar de (Teniente de Caballeria)(Dueno)
Moreno y Castro, Bernardo de (Teniente del Gobernador)
Asevedo, Rosa Francisca (Mujer de Pison y Gusman)
Moreno, Manuel Antonio (Cirujano)
and others
Loreto, Santa Ana, Mexico, San Blas, Tepic, Veracruz. July 5, 1772 to August 12, 1774. 212p. Causa. Autos. Diligencia. Memorias. Providencia. Decreto. Dictamen. Cuenta. Informes. Peticiones. Letter. Drafts, copies, transcriptions. Originals. Signed.
Most important documents will be referenced below by folio no. Most unusual document is letter to Pison signed and likely written by his wife regarding his importance to family (f. 308). Incredibly filthy swear words attributed to him, directed against priest during mass, quoted and underlined in ff. 244-245. Useful diagnosis of ailment (sinocat putrida) and simple treatment prescribed of better diet, sleep, exercise by surgeon (f. 316 ?) Traces processes of judicial procedure in determination of charges of other bad conduct on Pison's part, brought by teniente de gobernador Moreno in Loreto. Included is detailed service and conduct record and witnessed testimonies of Pison's past military service; and other biographical information. Accused of years of drunkenness, womanizing, thievery, setting bad examples for mission Indians. Jailed at mission; some witnesses testify that he reacted to provocation by others; Pison requests change of venue for unbiased trial and accessibility to witnesses for his defense who are themselves in prison in Guadalajara. Released by authorities on bail paid by Ramon Espinosa; although his mine personal effects are kept. At trial, jailed prisoners clear him of murder of Osio, by swearing latter died by drowning. Pison countercharges Moreno with beating and refusal to allow his case to go before Barri. Provides motive for Moreno's silencing him by citing evidence of Former's absconding with treasury funds and illegal trade in alcoholic beverages. Missionaries and Armona testify to his generally good character, despite drinking bouts. Final decision, however, by Valcarcel; approved by viceroy is that Pison must be punished by losing personal effects, mine, military title and lifetime banishment from Californias. Ff. 328-331, when punishment given, Pison petitions Bucareli to allow him for temporary stay in Loreto with family to make financial arrangements before his expulsion. (J. M. Johnson, July 1989)
Pison y Gusman, Gaspar (Teniente de Caballeria)(Dueno)
Moreno, Manuel Antonio (Cirujano)
Asevedo, Rosa Francisca (Mujer de Pison y Gusman)
Moreno y Castro, Bernardo de (Teniente del Gobernador)
Marza, Joseph
Areche, Joseph
Barri, Phelipe (Gobernador)
Estrada, Joseph Maria (Soldado)
Canete, Joachin (Teniente Capitan)
Bucareli y Ursua, Fray Antonio Maria de (Virrey)
Amador, Pablo (Soldado)
Berroa, Antonio de
Estrada, Joseph Bonifacio
Arroyo, Maria Loreta (Mujer de Pena)
Pena, Fernando
Castro, Francisco (Soldado)
Dias, Thomas
Cota, Pedro
Espinosa, Santiago
Castro, Salvador
Acevedo, Ignacio de
Cano, Jose
Gerardo, Christoval
Buitron, Francisco
Aguirre, Francisco Xavier de
Campo Viergol, Jose del (Contador)
Guerrero y Fagle, Antonio
Croix, Marques de (Virrey)
Espinoza, Ramon de (Fiador)
Herrera, Juan Joseph de
Armona, Mathias de (Gobernador)
Flores, Joseph
Loreto Cervantes, Jose
Casserta, Guillermo (Licenciado)
Cossio, Diego de (Alcalde Ordinario)
Fons, Joseph (Indio)
Garibay, Pedro (Sargento Mayor)
Sanchez Cassahonda, Juan (Agente de Negocio)
Carballo, Joseph
Ibarra, Isidoro de (Cura)
Chavez, Antonio (OFM)
Lozano, Juan Manuel
Berdugo, Joachin (Cabo)
Arechiga, Joaquin de (Azoguero)
Azebedo, Francisco (Official)
Copeza, Miguel (Fray)(Enfermero)
Echasco, Antonio (OFM)
Moreno y Castro (Mujer de)
Marin del Valle, Miguel
Osio, Manuel de (Defunto)
Silva y Herrera, Julian de (Reo Preso)
Romero, Josef
Lopez Padilla, Nicolas
Miguel (Sastre)
Minichagas, Juan de
Rubio, Juan (Ministro)
Ojeda, Gabriel de (Cabo)
Orantes, Antonio (Mulato)
Saldua, Alonso
Munoz, Joseph
Mandado, Antonio Augustin
Santa Ana, Pedro de
Samaniego, Joseph Joachin
Samaniego, Joseph Antonio
Rodriguez, Juan (Cabo)
Ramos, (Padre)
Nuno, Christobal
Sierra, Luis Ignacio
Ovayea, Joseph Manuel (?)
Serra, Fray Marcelino (OFM)
Martinez, Fray Antonio (OFM)
Pison, Maria Josepha (Hija de Pison y Gusman)
Santa Anna (Capitan y Maestre de Navio)Peramas, Melchor de
San Josef, Miguel (Fray) (Belemitico)
Quiroz (Teniente)
Arangoyta (Fiscal)
Vasquez, Miguel
Sanchez de Santa Anna, Pedro Manuel
Vasquez, Leandro
Villanueva, Bartholo
Valcarcel, Domingo
Texada, Francisco (OFM)
Trigueros, Francisco (Cajero)
Tri , Manuel
Valle, Joseph Manuel de (El Rosareno)
Trillo, Francisco (Comisario)
Marin del Valle, Miguel
Ibarzabal, Izidro (Cura Vicario)
Carlos (Sj)
Rivas, Joachin
Rivera, Fernando (Capitan)
Ruiz, Joachin de la
Somera (Teniente)
Velasquez, Joseph
Valgado, Francisco Gabriel
Martinez, Julian
Vonaga (?), Maria Ignacio (Mujer de Julian Martinez)
Talamantes, Francisco
Ximenez, Miguel (OFM)
Osio, Antonio de (Fray)(Gobernador de Todos Santos
Loreto de California (Presidio)
San Blas (Puerto)
San Antonio (Real)
Californias (Cabo) (Peninsula)
Sur de Californias (Departamento)
Todos Santos (Mision)
Pachuca (Caja)
Alcala de Godayra
Andalucia (Reino)
Santa Gertrudis (Real) (Mina)
Guadalaxara (Ciudad)
San Diego
Letrados (Ciudad)
Rosario (Real)
San Xavier (Hospital) (Mision)
Santa Anna (Jurisdicion) (Real)
California, Sur de
California Norte
Cuenta del Rey (Minas)
Serralvo (Puerto)
San Fernando de Mexico, Colegio Apostolico de
Texcayama (Puerto)
Calidad (Valle)
Mazatan (Puerto)
Sanatajoa (Puerto)
Naturales de Mexico, (Hospital)
Ethnic Groups
Coyotes (Mestizos)
Military Groups
San Blas, Milicia Provincial de
Sur de Californias, Milicia Provincial de la Peninsula de
San Blas, Caballeria Provincial de
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 211 ff. 228-333
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 211 ff. 228-333
316 ?); Swear Words Quoted (ff. 244-245). Here Listed As expediente 16, But #15 In Indice del Ramo. Some Good Marginal notes; Some Margins Cut Off. Long Sections Of Testimony Repetitive And May Be Duplicates. Some Folios Semi-Legible, Interrupted, Or Repeated. Documents not In Exact Chronological Order.
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