Listas de revistas of the nine companias of Sonora for the first four months of 1817.

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Listas de revistas of the nine companias of Sonora for the first four months of 1817.
Bonavia, Bernardo (Comandante General
and others
Durango. Sonora. May 13, 1817. 124p. Listas de revistas. Originals. Signed.
Monthly reviews of personnel of the nine presidios of Sonora for months of January -April 1817. Presidios of Tubac, Bacoachi, Bavispe are manned by Pima, Opata, and Yaqui Indians with Spanish officers commanding, and separate Indian officers as well. Filaciones, enlistment sumaries are included at the end of some monthly reports. (G. Lavalley, October 1987)
Romero, Juan Bautista (Alferez)
Elias Gonzalez, Ygnacio (Teniente Comandante)
Zambrano, Ambrosio (Sargento)
Yrigollen, Vicente (Sargento)
Rosario, Jose (Teniente, Pima)
Soto, Ygnocencio (Alferez, Pima)
Pena, Bartolo (Indio)(Cavo)
Romero, Jose (Teniente Comandante)
Tovar, Juan Jose (Alferez)
Salazar, Santiago (Capitan, Opata)
Rivera, Martin (Sargento)
Villaescusa, Francisco (Alferez)
Villaescusa, Juan Jose (Teniente Comandante)
Martinez, Bernardo (Sargento)
Arvizu, Juan Jose (Sargento)
Temblet, Luis (Capellan)
Comacho, Gabriel (Capitan de Naturales, Opata)
Grijalva, Cristobal (Alferez, Opata)
Bustamante, Manuel (Sargento, Opata)
Serrano, Juan (Sargento)
Bermudez, Francisco (Teniente, Opata)
Limon, Guillermo (Capitan)
Peno, Jose Antonio (Teniente)
Rodrigues, Manuel (Alferez)
Vejarano, Joaquin (Alferez)
Encinas, Antonio Maria de (Capellan)
Tamayo, Alphonso Vicente (Sargento)
Villa, Jose Maria (Sargento)
Camacho, Lorenzo (Sargento)
Zuniga, Ygnacio de (Alferez)
Esteban, Jose (Capitan)
Tapia, Juan Lorenzo (Alferez)
Moreno, Luis (Sargento)
Quesada, Patricio (Capellan)
Zuniga, Mariano (Cadete)
Pesuueria, Ygnacio (Alferez)
Garcia, Eduardo (Teniente)
Espinosa, Benito (Capitan)
Calvo y Muro, Mateo (Alferez Segundo)
Torres, Juan Maria (Capellan)
Robledo, Jose (Sargento)
Grijalva, Jose Maria (Sargento)
Arvizu, Manuel Ygnacio (Capitan Teniente Coronel)
Ortega, Manuel (Sargento)
Gonsales, Jose Maria (Sargento)
Ramires, Loreto (Sargento)
Leon, Manuel de (Teniente)
Elias Gonzalez, Jose Maria (Alferez)
Arriquibar, Pedro (Capellan)
Pena, Jose Antonio (Teniente)
Elias Gonzalez, Simon (Capitan)
Villaescusa, Pedro (Alferez)
Castro, Cayetano (Sargento)
Acuna, Juan (Sargento)
Gansales, Juan (Sargento)
Narbona, Antonio (Capitan)
Acuna, Ygnacio (Teniente)
Diaz, Ygnacio (Alferez)
Casanova, Manuel (Alferez)
Robles, Francisco (Capellan)
Arvizu, Ygnacio (Sargento)
Espinosa, Dolores (Sargento)
Lopez, Ygnacio (Sargento)
Zuniga, Mariano (Cadete)
Mendes, Jose Ramon
Yarte, Fermin (Capitan)
Narbona, Pascual (Cadete)
Narvona, Guillermo (Cadete)
Tresierra, Jose Maria (Alferez)
Jurasi, Manuel (Soldado)
Mora, Augustina
Jurasi, Miguel
Espinosa, Pablo (Soldado, Pima)
Espinosa, Bautista (Pima)
Lopes, Antanacia (Pima)
Duarte, Francisco (Soldado, Yaqui)
Duarte, Pablo (Yaqui)
Pacheco, Maria Dolores (Yaqui)
Bustamante, Francisco
Escandon, Dionicio (Soldado)
Vivi, Juan (Alferez)(Indio)
Carrillo, Juan Alexo (Sargento Veterano)
Soto, Jose (Teniente)
Tubac (Presidio)
Bacoachi (Presidio)
Bavispe (Presidio)
Buenavista (Presidio)
Horcasitas (Presidio)
Altar (Presidio)
Tucson, San Agustin del (Presidio)
Cruz, Santa (Presidio)
Fronteras (Presidio)
Ethnic Groups
Military Groups
Tubac, Compania de Pimas de
Bacoachi, Compania de Ynfantaria Opata de
Bavispe, Compania de Opata de
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 206 ff. 094-155 (Approx)
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 206 ff. 094-155 (Appro
Folios are not numbered. Title page has #68 on it and is same for all four months. Roll for Tubac, March 1817 is not included here but is in next group of rolls for Santa Fe presidio which has the number #69. Presidio of Bavispe rolls list opata soldiers under separate category. Tubac enlistments show at least one Yaqui soldier.
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