Documents pertaining to visita of Josef de Galvez in alta California 1769. Sent to governor Neve by predecessor Barri at time of change of office.

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Documents pertaining to visita of Josef de Galvez in alta California 1769. Sent to governor Neve by predecessor Barri at time of change of office.
Galvez, Josef de (Visitador)
Barri, Felipe (Gobernador)
Loreto, Monterey, Santa ana, la paz. December 12, 1767 to October 29, 1774. 132p. Instrucciones. Reglamentos, index. Informe. Letters, original, signed. Copies. 10-28-1774 from berri to new governor neve outlining duties in change of command. Invites consultation and outlines accompanying documents which should be returned to archive in south (Loreto ?). Observations of civil-military-religious relations in province. 2) ff. 126-135 Galvez' instrucciones of 1769 to barri. Discusses duties of governor and importance of stern but just punishment of indians for economic independence from missions. Discussion of governor's administration of pearl fishing, with reference to leyes de indios, previous reales ordenes and cedulas to prohibit foreigners. Better fiscal management of mines and defense to establish more missions and presidios in province. Copy consists of 26 sections, dated 9-30-1774. 3) ff. 142-144 index of 19 documents Barri sends to neve of Galvez' visita to antigua California of 1769. Brief description of each document. Dated 9-30-1774. 4) full texts of Galvez' visita/expedition of 1769, copies from 1768 to 1770. Overall impression of carefully prepared, detailed planning for military-civil-religious coordination in province. Attention to fiscal-administrative matters to establish good relations between Spanish and indians (although typically condescending towards abilities of latter group) for economic-geographic expansion in Californias. Overall idea for governing broken families to Loreto, agricultural and religious training, artesan and pearl fishing industries, rights and inheritance regulations of lands after secularization (temporalidades) from missions, specifications for architectural plans of church, plaza and homes, wages and formations of indians into militias. Production from salinas, transportation of these by canoe sacramento and paquebot la concepcion, salaries, equipment and supply rations for all levels of workers and managers, diezmos (taxes) and royal fifth on production. Coordinated defenses by military and militia of missions, neighbors and presidios to continue outward expansion to new territories. Realtionship of provincial income/outflow to real hacienda in Guadalajara, including pricing, collecting of diezmo and quinto for ramos of playing cards, gunpowder, mercury, papel sellado, and tobacco and pearl fishing and mining industries. Of special note are great details in ff. 159-160 of maritime transportation of products to and from lower California from north and to continent, and ff. 161-162 of ordenances, supplies and rations to be in effect for each type of vessel used. (J. M. Johnson, April 1988)
Barri, Felipe (Gobernador)
Galvez, Josef de (Visitador)
Neve, Felipe (Sargento Mayor)
Carlos III (Rey)
Rivera y Moncada, Fernando de (Capitan)
Serra, Junipero (Fray) (Padre Presidente)
Faxes, Pedro (Comandante)
Mora, Vicente de (Padre Presidente)
Campo Viergol, Josef del (Comisario)
Lopez de Toledo, Antonio (Comisario)
Garcia Morales, Manuel
Arraez, Pedro (Regalado)
Peramar, Melchor de
Palou, Francisco (Fray)
Velasquez de Leon, Joaquin (Subdelegado)
Gutierrez, Juan
Trillo y Vermudes, Francisco (Comisario)
Viniegra, Juan Manuel de
Croix, Marques de (Virrey) (Gobernador) (Capitan General)
Felipe V (Soberano)
Romero, Felipe
Murguia, Jose (Fray)
Espinosa de los Monteros, Manuel (Teniente)
Azanza, Miguel Jose de
Moran, Juan (Fray)
Lasso, Jose Maria (Fray)
Moreno, Felipe
Regalado de Soto, Pedro
Trigo, Jose de
Armona, Mathias
Moz?, Bernardo
Arris, Ygnacio
Gonzaga, Luis
San Blas (Departamento)
Sonora (Provincia)
Californias (Peninsula)
San Diego
Loreto (Ensenada) (Mision) (Presidio) (Real)
Velicata, San Fernando
San Fernando (Colegio Apostolico)
Santa Anna del Sur (Comisaria)
San Juan (Rancho)
Mexico (Capital)
San Luis (Arroyo) (Mision)
Todos Santos (Mision)
la Paz (Puerto)
Cinaloa (Provincia)
Guaimas (Puerto)
Mazatlan (Puerto)
San Lucas (Cabo)
Fan?Sula (Puerto)
Nueva Galicia (Reyno)
Santiago (Pueblo) (Mision)
San Jose (Isla)
Pimeria Alta
Cavo, San Jose del (Mision)
Santa Ana (Real)
Santa Rosa
San Luis Gonzaga (Mision)
Carmen (Isla)
San Xavier (Mision)
Pasion (Mision)
Military Groups
Queretaro, Regimento Provincial (Antigua California) Cavalleria de
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 166 ff. 123-188
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 166 ff. 123-188
Galvez documents not in chronological order. Some pages misnumbered but sequence kept. Some borders cut off. Four
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