Military diaries and letters from Serna, Quintanilla, Murgier, and others...

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Military diaries and letters from Serna, Quintanilla, Murgier, and others concerning hostiltes of Indians and expeditions undertaken in response province of Nuevo Santander, first in this series begins with the phrase Diario de la Campana que ceebre yo dn. Juan Maria Murgier.
Revilla Gigedo, Conde de
Sierra Gorda, Conde de la (Gobernador, Politico y Militar)
Serna, Jose Antonio de la (Theniente Comandante and others
Nuevo Santander, Mexico. March 20, 1791 - September 7, 1791. 64pp. Approximate letters, diaries. Originals, copies. expeditions carried out by the two following companies; primera compania de la colonia del Nuevo Santander under the command of serna for the period January 18, 1791 - March 28, 1791; segunda compania Volante de la colonia del Nuevo Santander under the command of murgier for the time period of January 22, 1791 - March 14, 1791 and additionally a unit of 72 men from 3 villas under the command of quintanilla for the period January 12, 1791 - March 13, 1791; gives details of areas explored, place names given to certain geographical areas, numbers of soldiers, supplies and weapons totals, narration of encounters with indians, information on the use of militias, nature of topography and climate; virrey conde especially happy with the last expedition commanded by quintanilla; letter stating that Pedro Jose has killed two settlers but has not been apprehended, uses the san cristoval mission for refuge; letter to vaamonde advising him to be on the lookout for Pedro Josef and naparan - misquite indians wanted for murder; letter stating that Apaches are entering the northern villages of area in late August and describes attacks so far experienced. (O. Velez, September 1989)
Purga, Antonio (Theniente)
Serna, Jose Antonio de la (Theniente Comandante)
Murgier, Juan Maria (Capitan)
Quintanilla, Jose Lorenzo
Pedro Josef (Indio)
Naparan (Indio)
Sierra Gorda, Conde de (Gobernador)
Revilla Gigedo, Conde de (Gobernador)
Padilla (Villa)
Llerna (Villa)
Croix (Villa)
Escandon (Jurisdiccion)
Santa Maria (Valle)
San Jose
Cinco Senores (Villa)
Cruillas (Villa)
Soto la Marina (Villa)
Santillana (Villa)
Linares (Ciudad)
San Cristoval (Mision)
Comargo (Mision)
Laredo (Poblacion)
Ethnic Groups
Military Groups
Nuevo Santander, Primera Compania de la Colonia del
Nuevo Santander, Segunda Compania Volante de la Colonia del
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 162 ff. 596-628 (Approx) exp. 14
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 162 ff. 596-628 (Appro
Folios unnumbered. First in this series begins with the phrase found above in title
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