Correspondence of Serra and Neve to Bucareli and Croix on conditions and status of California missions (quaderno segundo), 1777-1779.

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Correspondence of Serra and Neve to Bucareli and Croix on conditions and status of California missions (quaderno segundo), 1777-1779.
Serra, Junipero (Fray)
Neve, Phelipe de (Gobernador)
Monterrey, Chihuahua, purisima concepcion. February 18, 1777 to July 19, 1779. 82p. Relaciones. Chart. Letters. Copies. Originals, signed.
Very important and detailed correspondence include (especially agricultural and religious supplies for 3 missions of the Santa Barbara Canal; F. 309 lists officers for 3 Principal California presidios. Serra reports on repairs to old and construction of new missions, emphasizing temporal and evangelical elements in conquest of souls. F. 312 details requirements for furnishing missions and religious objects for each mission. Provides salaries of religious personnel for each. F. 313 is a list of priests at each of 8 missions attached to Monterrey. Comments on bad examples for Indians set by troops and settlers in area. Neve discusses weapons and clothing supplies for California troops and settlers. F. 318 list of clothing necessary for people in missions and presidios. Ff. 319-320 refer to past methods in determining minimal subsistance of food and clothing supplies. F. 321 is chart of amount of bullets, gunpowder, flints and types of weapons by presidio needed for defense. Defines need for new regulations to correct deficiencies due to distances of king and real hacienda from California. Proposes improved military organization and requests greater numbers of soldiers, supplies and horses. F. 324 discusses military escorts, organization, personnel, time of year with estimated subordination of soldiers, military promotions, equipment for cavalry units. Census of military personnel, including tackle and rider's clothing for cavalry. Distribution of animals to each presidio. Ff. 332-333 provides detailed list of tackle and clothing by cavalry officer for Monterrey, San Francisco and San Diego. F. 336 is chart of higher officers and numbers of soldiers for same presidios. F. 339 distribution by type and number of weapons to same three. F. 341 numbers of mules and horses distributed to these presidios. Other topics of San Francisco, storage and distribution of weapons to prevent sales to Indians, rations of food to presidios and missions, references to past ordinances for founding missions, family life of soldiers in presidios, evacuation of families in case of attack, duties and types of craftsmen with necessary supplies for same for settlements. (J. M. Johnson, January 1989)
Rivera y Moncada, Fernando (Capitan)
Canabe, Joaquin (Teniente)
Serra, Junipero (Fray)
Croix, Cavallero de (Comandante General)
Neve, Phelipe de (Gobernador)
Betancurt, Manuel de
Hepeta, Bruno (Obispo ?)
Galvez, Joseph de
Bucareli y Ursua, Fray Antonio (Virrey)
Crespi, Juan (Fray)
Figuer, Juan (Fray)
Murgia, Joseph Antonio (Fray)
Lasuen, Fermin Francisco de (Fray)
Dumetz, Francisco (Fray)
Ipugastegui, Pablo (Fray)
Amurris, Gregorio (Fray)
Crujado, Antonio (Fray)
Cavaller, Joseph (Fray)
Sitjas, Buenaventura (Fray)
Palou, Francisco (Fray)
Jaume, Luis (Fray)
Cambou, Pedro Bonito (Fray)
Fustes, Vicente (Fray)
Santa Maria, Vicente de (Fray)
Ortega, Joseph Francisco de (Teniente)
Anza, Juan Bautista de (Teniente Coronel)
Grijalva, Juan Pablo (Sargento)
Gongora, Joseph Maria (Sargento)
Robles, Juan Joseph (Cabo)
Moraga, Josef (Teniente)
Carrillo, Mariano (Sargento)
Martinez, Estevan Josef (Capitan)(Primer Piloto)
Sal, Hermenegildo (Guarda Almacen)
San Blas (Departamento)
San Fernando de Mexico (Colegio)
Santa Barvara (Presidio)
Guadalupe (Rio)
San Diego (Presidio) (Mision)
Loreto (Presidio)
San Buenaventura (Mision)
Purisima Concepcion (Mision)
Capistrano, San Juan de (Mision)
San Carlos (Mision)
Asumpta (Pueblo)
San Luis Obispo (Mision) (Presidio)
Durango (Obispado)
Canal (Presidio)
San Josef (Pueblo)
Porsincula (Rio)
San Francisco (Mision)(Presidio)
San Antonio de los Robles (Mision)(Presidio)
Monterrey (Presidio)
Lobos (Isla)
San Gabriel, Archangel de los Temblores (Mision)
Alamos (Real)
Santa Clara de Thamien (Presidio)(Mision)
Esmiquilpan (Pubelo)
Colorado (Rio)
Carmelo (Mision)
Velicata (Frontera)
Californias (Peninsula)
San Graviel (Mision)
Military Groups
San Francisco, Compania de
Monterrey, Compania de
California Septentrional, Companias de los Presidios de
San Diego, Tropa de
Monterrey, Tropa de
San Francisco, Tropa de
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 121 ff. 305-345/AZTM, AGN, Vol. 121 ff. 305-345
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 121 ff. 305-345
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