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Zaes Monge Estevan Letter to viceroy from fray Mezquia regarding protection of missions and supply trains to missions. 08-08-1731
Zusarregui Letter to virrey concerning defense of Escandon. 06-22-1765
Zepeda Letter to virrey concerning defense of Escandon. 06-22-1765
Zamora Letter to virrey concerning defense of Escandon. 06-22-1765
Zele Letters about Indian attacks and military campaigns in Sonora. 03-17-1769
Zumalave Letters about Indian depredations in the area around Chihuahua. None Given
Zapato Letters about Indian rebellion and accusations of military incompetence in defending area. 00-00-1789
Zuazua Letters and tables concerning damages from flood in San Juan Bautista de Horcitas 03-13-1801
Zavaleta Moreno Letters between Canuto de Gonia and virrey concerning former's request for job transfer. 12-10-1814
Zozaya Letters between Castro and compania de Monclova concerning provisioning of military escort. 04-02-1791
Zozaya Letters between Castro and Emparan concerning Castro's orders that Emparan return to Santa Rosa. 08-20-1791
Zapato Tuerto Letters between different civil and military officials concerning mescaleros living near presidio del norte. 09-12-1772
Zuloaga Letters between Echeagaray, Cordero, and virrey about military campaign forays in Nueva Vizcaya January-March 1788. 02-12-1788
Zozaya Letters between Emparan, Castro, Revilla Gigedo, others concerning Castro's dislike of Emparan; administrative bibliography. 10-19-1773
Zozaya Letters between Florez, Castro, Valdes & virrey about Florez' complaints against Castro. 07-12-1792
Zea Letters between Lemus, Queipo de Llano and Virrey(?) concerning Indian violence and state of province in 1770. 11-22-1769
Zapato Ras Letters between Munoz and virrey Conde concerning among other things intertribal relations involving lipanes, comanches and others. First... 01-14-1791
Zerecedo y Velasco Letters between Ugalde, other military administrators, various concerns. 11-16-1788
Zozaya Letters between Ugalde, other military administrators, various concerns. 11-16-1788
Zapato Tuerto Letters between Ugarte and other military officials concerning peace treaty with mescalero Indians. 00-00-1779
Zorrilla Letters between Ugarte y Loyola and subordinates detailing western province general campaign Mar-December 1788. 07-13-1788
Zapato Tuerto Letters between Ugarte, Florez, and Ugalde concerning better cooperation between the two comandantes. 00-00-1780
Zapata Letters between Vaamonde and virrey Marques concerning primarily indexes of letters. First in this series begins with indice de... 08-09-1794
Zimi Letters by de la Bodega y Quadra, Arreze and others to virrey concerning exploration trips. 12-01-1785
Zubizarreta y Zalba Letters by Escandon, Malacara, Unzaga concern return of land to soldiers in Labrador. 03-26-1753
Zerecedo y Velasco Letters by Ugalde concerning military administration, various concerns. 09-27-1790
Zeleta Letters concerning administration of port of San Blas. 12-10-1789
Zaravoz Letters concerning american threat to Texas 04-01-1807
Zozaya Letters concerning charges of insubordination leveled by Castro against Emparan. 07-29-1791
Zarin Letters concerning handicapped soldiers asking the virrey for Gracia de invalidos retirement. 04-20-1815
Zevallos Letters concerning notice of edict to be posted regarding retirement pension. 03-13-1785
Zozaya Letters concerning the establishment of borders between Louisiana and Texas. Letters and forms on military ammunition. Legal documents... 09-24-1804
Zerda Moran Letters concerning threat of tobozos in Nayarit. 12-23-1723
Zapato Tuerto Letters dealing with actions of Ugalde against the mescalero Indians. 00-00-1786
Zeballos y Gonzales de Monterde Letters dealing with financial contributions to military campaigns. 00-00-1766
Zubias Letters for the new virrey Apodaca explaining the problem of Chihuahua and the capitania general. 12-30-1816
Zuniga Letters from Aguero to Croix 10-26-1767
Zubia Letters from ayuntamiento de Chihuahua informing virrey of a conspiracy of some military personnel. 05-06-1814
Zarin Letters from Borica and Nava to virrey concerning military promotions and military pensions. 01-10-1793
Zozaya Letters from Diaz to Castro concerning activities and conditions of military companies in Santander. 05-03-1792
Zepeda Letters from Dufay to Ugalde concerning Indians misbehavior. 04-01-1788
Zifuentes Prada Letters from Escandon to religious concerning the possibility of reassign fray Orozco in the mission of San Agustin de Laredo. 12-29-1766
Zubia y Mante Letters from Escandon to the virrey informing him of the campaign against the Indians of the nation Sibuy. Others from Boix requesting... 10-20-1764
Zapata Letters from falco for the comandante general informing him of names of individuals responsible for rebellion and misconduct in Bavispe. 04-17-1820
Zuza Letters from Garcia Alexo, others from quixano concerning the escape of Indians sent to Durango. 09-12-1820
Zaragoza Letters from Garcia for virrey informing him about the advances in the negotiations with the Apaches. 11-22-1819
Zapata Letters from Garcia for virrey informing him about the situation in the provincias de occidente. 01-28-1820
Zapata Lujan Letters from Gutierrez Castillo to virrey concerning military affairs in Nueva Vizcaya. 10-16-1766
Zambrano Letters from Herrera to Salcedo concerning structure of rebel government in Texas during illegal governorship of casas. 03-28-1811
Zerna Letters from Lacomba/Cossio to Ugalde; concerning a variety of matters affecting la tercera compania Volante de la colonia del Nuevo... 06-30-1789