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Quanon Toro y Casanova, Manuel del. Letter from cathedral treasury of Durango to governor of New Mexico requesting his continued support in... 01-00-1794
Quanon Toro y Casanova, Manuel del. Request to governor of New Mexico to enforce collection of debts owed to treasury of cathedral of Durango by... 02-11-1794
Quanon Toro y Casanova, Manuel del. Letter of members of Durango cathedral treasury to governor of New Mexico thanking him for his diligence in... 04-23-1794
Quanon Concha, Fernando de la (gobernador). Letter to officials of treasury of Durango cathedral informing them of efforts to secure payment of... 05-06-1794
Quintana Nava, Pedro de (comandante) to Chacon, Fernando (gobernador). Suspension of alcalde mayor Manuel Garcia de la Mora in Indian suicide case. 07-18-1799
Quintana Chacon, Fernando to Nava, Pedro de (comandante). Reinstatement of two officials. 09-11-1799
Quintana Chacon, Fernando. A set of instructions on how the new governor should deal with the navajo. 03-27-1805
Quintana . Incomplete set of recommendations for the economic development of New Mexico drawn up by a junta held in Santa Fee. 06-17-1805
Quintero Brief annotations of events in province of New Mexico from July through 13 September, primarily military operations. 07-00-1808
Quintero Antonio Baca. Case against Antonio Baca for falsely presenting himself as a justice official to some Indians to intercept mail to fray... 09-03-1808
Quentara Jose de la Cruz Quentana (teniente). List of names of those citizens vaccinated in la Canada, totaling 152 vaccinations. 10-07-1809
Quintarra List of subscribers to the Voluntary contribution made by the inhabitants of the province of New Mexico. Nearly 500 names. 11-20-1809
Quintana Salcedo, Nemesio. Letter regarding the proposed appointment of Sandoval as protector partidario. 03-21-1810
Quegue Manrique, Jose. On proposed comanche campaign against the Apaches. 03-22-1810
Quegue Manrique, Jose. Concerning the proposed attack on the Apaches of Sacramento, involving the comanches. 03-29-1810
Quegue Manrique, Jose. Concerning captured foreigners suspected of being spies. 03-31-1810
Quintana Gobernador ynterino de Nuevo Mexico to Salcedo, Nemesio. Re: campaign against the Apaches; and the nomination of a protector partidario. 05-31-1810
Quibiguaype Governador ynterino del Nuevo Mexico to comandante general. Re: the recently concluded campaign against the Apaches. 06-30-1810
Quegue Governador ynterino del Nuevo Mexico to comandante general. Re: the recently concluded campaign against the Apaches. 06-30-1810
Quiler Manrique, Jose to Salcedo, Nemesio. Re: real orden: tribunal de represalias. 10-08-1810
Quintero Espinosa, Benito to Villaescusa, Pedro Sebastian. Report on battle between loyal troops and insurgents at Acaponeta. 11-07-1811
Quintana . Re: petition by Indians of Cochiti. 02-03-1812
Queso Cuevas, Juan Antonio de. Papers regarding the estate of Juan Antonio de Cuevas. 08-10-1812
Quintana Martin, Pedro. Trial for rape. 10-13-1812
Quinta . Libel suit concerning protest against an intended marriage. 04-23-1813
Quintana Calleja del Rey, Felix Maria. Royal decree on the suprema junta de censura. 06-22-1813
Quintana Garcia, Manuel to Manrrique, Josef. Declarations and sworn statements taken in the investigation of a trip to the yutas, taken by a number... 09-06-1813
Quegue Gonzales, Josef Manuel/Cordero, Juan Domingo to Manrrique, animals from the comanches. 06-08-1814
Quinones Quinones, Pedro to Manrrique, Jose. Advisement of election of Miguel Armendaris as secretary of ayuntamiento of El Paso. 07-20-1814
Quinones Quinones, Pedro (teniente gobernador) (presidente). Proposition by extraordinary session of constitutional ayuntamiento for measures to... 08-21-1814
Quinones Quinones, Pedro to Rey, Ysidro. Adviser interim governor of completion of elections to the Cabildo. 01-25-1815
Quinones Arce, Jose Maria de/Quinones, Pedro. List of persons contributing to the prestamo patriotico. 03-09-1815
Quinones Maynez, Alberto. Discussion of contributions for support of troops - list of contributors and contributions. 03-15-1815
Quinones Quinones, Pedro. List of documents in the archives. 05-01-1815
Quintana Salazar, Francisco. Administrative documents. 06-13-1815
Quintana Valle, Francisco del to Maynes, Alberto. Concerns legal casee of Quintana and Juan Ignacio Naranjo. 07-21-1815
Quinones Quinones, Pedro. Documents added to archives and casas reales during 1805-1815. 10-01-1815
Quiros . Outlines functions of consejo and camara de guerra. 02-12-1816
Quinones Quinones, Pedro to Maynez, Alberto. Quinones notifies Maynez of stopping actions of newly re-elected alcaldes. 03-13-1816
Quintana Catalog of civil & criminal cases heard in Santa Fe 1818-1824. Nature of each case & resolutions included. 08-05-1818
Quintana Francisco Ygnacio de Madariaga. Criminal case against Jose Felipe Ortis for wife beating. no verdict. Document incomplete. 09-28-1818
Quintana Melgares, Facundo. Case of criminal assault. 09-09-1819
Quintana Melgares, Facundo. Case of criminal assault. 09-09-1819
Quevedo y Villanueva . Pamphlet dealing with the history of the revolution in Monterey. 00-00-1821
Quintanar Hermanos, Troncoso. Blow by blow account of progress of war for independence and important people involved. 08-09-1821
Quintana . Two declarations as to the number of livestock owned by Miguel Quintana for purposes of collecting the tithe. 10-01-1821
Quintana . Two declarations as to the number of livestock owned by Miguel Quintana for purposes of collecting the tithe. 10-01-1821
Quinones Melgares, Facundo. Copy of a September 9, 1821 bando from the diputation of Durango concerning the need to maintain newly won liberties. 10-28-1821
Quintana Testimony regarding proposal for establishment of new pueblos and presidio in valle de la Canada. 10-14-1712
Quintana Padre Juan Antonio de Arce al padre visitador general Joseph Xavier de Molina. Letter concerning effects of Yaqui revolt in Ostimuri,... 06-30-1740