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Person Last Name Document title Date
Navarro Correspondence between Ugarte y Loyola and virreynato regarding various military and economic matters. 05-25-1786
Neve Ugarte y Loyola corresponds with Virreynato regarding various administrative, military and financial matters. 08-03-1786
Neve Indexes of Loyola's letters to Virreynato and royal court made up by Garrido y Duran; virrey's acknowledgement of receipt. 05-24-1786
Neve Correspondence between Caballero de Croix and virrey Mayorga on administrative matters of the Provincias Internas Jan.-March 1782. 01-02-1782
Neve Drafts and official correspondence between Croix and viceroy Mayorga Jan.-October 1782. 01-00-1782
Neve Military, fiscal and administrative correspondence of comandante general Croix, primarily with viceroy, for 1782. 08-19-1773
Neve Correspondence of Croix, primarily with viceroy Galvez, for June-December 1783. 03-14-1732
Neve Correspondence of comandante general Neve for 1783. 10-04-1776
Neve Correspondence of comandante general Neve for 1784. 02-28-1781
Neyden Croix's correspondence re: administrative matters, mailing of documents and lists of documents received. 10-06-1771
Neve Cavallero de Croix's correspondence with virrey re: civil administration of bandos, personnel recommendations, request for documents. 04-22-1779
Neve Correspondence between Croix and virrey re: civil administration of personnel, armour, and expenditures. 04-12-1780
Neve Correspondence between Croiz and Mayorga re: military personnel and treasuries of Chihuahua and Alamos. 00-00-1778
Neve Croix's correspondence re: discussion of request for gunsmith by governor of California and agreement of the need for one. 07-00-1775
Neve Correspondence between Croix and Mayorga re: administrative matters of receipt of documents, military personnel, and Moncada trip to... 02-06-1780
Neve Croix's correspondence re: San Blas shipbuilding; Alamos treasury; arms shipment; military personnel. 06-23-1781
Neve Correspondence betwene Croix and Mayorga re: postal service; Durango tobacco factoria; lottery; military administrative matters. 08-01-1781
Neve Croix's correspondence re: military personnel; fiscal affairs in Chihuahua and funds for California arms; and Alamos treasury... 04-02-1781
Neve Correspondence between Croix and Mayorga re: receipt of correspondence; personnel; funds for missionaries; transport to Californias;... 10-27-1773
Neve Criox's correspondence re: military personnel; pensions; arms; shipments to Californias; postal service; mezcal sale. 08-04-1775
Nanos Correspondencia con el gobernador de Sonora, don Matheo Sastre, y otros de la provincia que tratan de varios particulares. 02-12-1772
Navares Letters from Elizondo and Martinez concerning disciplinary problems of 2nd flying company of Sonora 01-23-1771
Nagineruli Letter from unknown to Ugarte concerning baptism of Apache Indian a few days before his death. 03-10-1789
Naguscoli Letter from Ugarte to viceroy informing having received baptismal document of Apache that died afterwards. 04-04-1789
Nava Correspondence between viceroy and comandante general de Provincias Internas. 06-26-1790
Neve Letters from comandante general to viceroy concerning military personnel. 10-00-1781
Nava Correspondence between comandante general and viceroy re: military personnel. 07-09-1790
Nava Correspondence between comandante general and viceroy re: military personnel. 06-16-1785
Nava Correspondence between comandante general, viceroy and various officers. 04-00-1787
Nolasco Carrasco Correspondence between comandante general, viceroy and various officers. 04-00-1787
Navarro Documents concerning dispute between Taulia and Romero over having both received titles for same job position as justicia mayor in Nayarit. 01-02-1783
Navarro Documents concerning payment of synods to Nayarit missionaries through cajas de Guadalaxara. 04-01-1779
Navarro Documents relating to complaints by Navarro that Nayarit cannot afford to pay for office of justicia mayor. 01-10-1783
Navarro Series of letters protesting Navarro's reassignment to Guadalaxara from post of comisario in Nayarit. 01-06-1784
Navarro Informe from Puig to virrey concerning finding of human bones in Nayarit cave. 05-06-1785
Navarro Documents relating to request by Navarro to cajas de Guadalaxara for payment of synods and provisioning of corn for cultivation by Indians. 02-16-1787
Nepomuzeno Letters from Pineda to Cruillas concerning presidio of Buena Vista, and several Indian raids. 03-21-1765
Negreiros Document from Gorraez to Tienda concerning reconstruction of Horcasitas. 00-00-1750
Nunez Letter concerning appointment of Diego Gagiola by Tienda. 00-00-0000
Nentuig Letters from Netuig and Llenes to viceroy concerning map of Sonora and Indian raids. 05-19-1764
Nentuig Notes from Cruillas to Pineda, Llenes, and Nentuig concerning Indian raids and Sonora's map. 05-19-1764
Neve Index of the expedientes and documents delivered to brigadier Croix. 03-31-1777
Neve Summary of the battles against the Apaches, relaciones of the military forces of Provincias Internas. 10-22-1776
Neve Title pages from various documents not included in this tomo (88). 00-00-0000
Navarro O'conor's informe on condition of interior provinces 01-30-1776
Navarrete Correspondence re: return of criado Mesias to Spain as requested by his master, Bodega, upon his death. 04-06-1794
Navarro Correspondence re: request by Tovar for salary while employed as amanuense. 09-10-1791
Navarro Correspondence re: granting of salary for criados employed on various expeditions. 07-23-1789
Nasario Correspondence re: construction of iglesia and Casa Cural in San Blas 06-29-1779
Nunez Correspondence re: fire in old church and financing construction of new church. 05-17-1787