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Person Last Name Document title Date
Jimenez Luis Quintana. Causa criminal contra Luis Quintana, Apache. 07-08-1741
Jarmillo Francisca Salas. Demanda de Francisca Salas contra Joseph Baca. 05-13-1744
Jarumillo Miguel Lozer. Causa criminal de officio de la real justicia contra Gregorio Jaramillo por heridas que dio a Thadeo Romero. 01-07-1747
Jaques Autos obrados por el theniente del pueblo de Taos sobre una junta de guerra celebrada en aquel pueblo. 12-29-1749
Jaramillo Domingo Lujan Querella de soldado Domingo Lujan contra el o soldado Cristoval Jaramillo. 05-18-1753
Jaques Francisco Quintana. Litigation brought to reclaim land at Abechuiu. 05-21-1754
Jaramillo Discusses contract between Jaramillo and Eshasauer concerning 605 sheep payment for which is 130 sheep and 130 bellones of wool each April... 10-01-1760
Joseph Joseph Gallego. Gallego is accused by Antonio Joseph (indian) of having entered his house and attacked his wife. 02-19-1762
Jaranillo Santiago Garcia. Garcia sees a cow he believes is his and attempts to recover it. 08-18-1762
Juachina Juachina, Maria. Civil case against Pedro Mora in settlement of estate of Juan Ygnacio Mestas. 04-02-1772
Josepha Mendinueta, Pedro Fermin de (gobernador). Proceedings of criminal case against two Indian women, a mother and her daughter, for murdering... 04-22-1773
Josepha Anza, Juan Baptista (gobernador). Proceedings of review and execution of death penalty against two Indian women of Cochiti who murdered an... 10-14-1775
Jaramillo . Vecinos and Indians of Abiquiu petition to build a bridge across the Rio Chama. Permission granted. 12-23-1784
Jarramino Ugarte y Loyola, Jacobo to Anza, Juan Baptista de. A letter concerning money in the pious fund for the redemption of war captives to be... 01-02-1787
Jurado Lobera, Francisco. Legal action taken against Cristoval Mascarenas on charges that he showed a lack of respect for Francisco Lobera. 06-23-1787
Jasquelnache Concha, Fernando de la (?) to Nava, Pedro de. notice of advice from Apache capitan Jasquelnache on precautions to take in the El Paso area. 07-27-1791
Jaschelnate Nava, Pedro de to Concha, Fernando de la. Acknowledgement of peaceful conditions of Apaches gilenos under chief Jaschelnate. 11-01-1791
Jaramillo Sanchez, Marcos. Testimony and autos against Marcos Sanchez for sexual assault upon Graciana Lucero and Manuela Carrillo. 08-08-1793
Jaramillo Jaramillo, Juan Eusevio. Charges against Juan Eusevio Jaramillo for assigning two genizaros to guard prisoners who escaped. 08-23-1793
Jaramillo Rodriguez, Josef Manuel. Criminal case against Josef Manuel Rodriguez for stealing cattle, mules and other goods from captain Manuel... 09-08-1793
Jaramillo Uranga, Francisco Xavier de. note to governor of New Mexico informing him that the prisoners Rodriguez and Jaramillo have arrived in El... 10-04-1793
Jesus Chacon, Fernando (?) to Serruto, Josef, et al draft - re: contribution for canonization cause of beato Felipe de Jesus. 05-24-1798
Jordan Pedro de Nava (comandante) to Fernando Chacon (gobernador). Communication of royal order re: sentences of officers who surrendered Trinidad... 03-20-1800
Jaramillo Fernandes, Bartolome. Criminal case against Reyes Vigil. 07-28-1805
Jacome Gonzales Rey, Ysidro to Real Alencaster, Joaquin del. Concerning the reconstruction of the curch at Senecu, which is a ruined state. 09-26-1805
Jarvet Real Alencaster, Joaquin del to Salcedo, Nemesio. Report on expenses of war and peace fund and requesting 8,500 pesos for coming year. 11-20-1805
Jarbet Real Alencaster, Joaquin del to Salcedo, Nemesio. Diary of Vial expedition to the great plains. 11-20-1805
Jarbet Joaquin del Real Alencaster (gobernador). Drafts of four letters to the comandante general discussing suspicions about Pedro Vial... 01-04-1806
Jiron Antonio Baca. Case against Antonio Baca for falsely presenting himself as a justice official to some Indians to intercept mail to fray... 09-03-1808
Jaramillo Enlistment papers of individuals in Santa Fe militia cavalry company including name, age, religion, description, parents. 09-17-1808
Jarvai . Payments list. 03-08-1810
Jarbet . Re: northern nations and need for caution and vigilance. 12-19-1810
Jarbay Moreno, Valentin. Accounts of expenditures on gifts to Indian allies. 01-30-1812
Jesus Moreno, Valentin/Rey, Ysidro. Military records on personnel, animals and equipment of the Santa Fee cavalry company. 03-00-1812
Jurasque Manrrique, Joseph. List of correspondence sent to the comandante general of the provincias ynternas. 08-31-1812
Josef Sanchez Vergara, Ygnacio to Manrrique, Josef. Proceedings in trial for theft. 06-30-1813
Jauregui . Report on the election of deputies to the Cortes from Nuevo Mexico and Nueva Vizcayas. 03-13-1814
Jaramillo Ruiz, Manuel to Jaramillo, Cristoval. Letter encouraging contributions to war effort against the insurgents. 04-22-1815
Juipe Ximenes, Antonio. Civil suit concerning sheep. 10-17-1817
Juaquin Pedro Maria de Allande-to-Josef Visente Ortis. Informs Ortiz of navajo uprising & advising that 16 soldiers from Santa Fe presidio... 07-10-1818
Juaquin Ygnacio Maria Sanches Vergara-to-Pedro Maria de Allande. Concerning relations with the navajo. 07-21-1818
Juachin Salvador Garcia-to-Facundo Melgares. Concerning the navajo, juachin, and precautions taken. 10-25-1818
Jaramillo Andres Lucero. Criminal case against Juachin Padilla for theft of sheep. 10-26-1818
Jaramillo Agustin Taramillo. Civil suit for debts. 03-15-1819
Jaramillo Jose Jaramillo. Receipt for sugar loaves sold to Jose Jarmillo. 10-15-1819
Jaramillo Lucero, Pablo. Report on local elections for representatives to a district electoral junta to be held at Taos and on district election. 12-03-1820
Juaquin Cabesa de Baca, Juan Antonio to Melgares, Facundo. Report on Indian relations. 03-08-1821
Jaramillo Jaramillo, Manuel. Receipt for supplies provided to soldiers from carrizal presidio company. 06-19-1821
Jaramillo Larranaga, Juan. Receipt for funds advanced to Santa Fee presidio soldiers serving in Chihuagua. 07-01-1821
Jiron Bellido, Manuel to ayuntamiento. Request for certification of religious services performed at Santo Domingo, Pina Blanca and la Baxada.... 09-26-1821