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Person Last Name Document title Date
Irigpien Fr. Silvestre Velez de Escalante to m.r.p. prov. Fr. Isidro Murillo. 05-16-1776
Ibanes Fr. Francisco Iturralde. Cartas varias. 00-00-1792
Iturralde Fr. Francisco Iturralde. Cartas varias. 00-00-1792
Iturralde Fr. Diego Bringas. 00-00-1795
Iturralde Fr. Diego Bringas to the guardian and discreets of Zacatecas. 12-01-1795
Ibanez Fr. Diego Bringas to the guardian and discreets of Zacatecas. 12-01-1795
Ibanez Fr. Francisco Iturralde to the guardian. 12-04-1797
Iturralde Fr. Francisco Iturralde to the guardian. 12-04-1797
Iturbide Iturbide, Agustin de. Copy of a plan for the organization of a national congress. 00-00-0000
Inujillo Granillo, Luis. Testimony of the murder of fray Francisco Jesus. 06-12-1696
Izamillo Felix Martinez (gobernador). Letter of governor Martinez announcing his planned departure date of expeditions into moqui territory. 07-16-1716
Isla Carlos iv (rey). Real pragmatica sancion, regarding issuance of vales to finance royal expenditures. 00-00-1780
Iribarren Borica, Diego de to Concha, Fernando de la. Orders to redistribute excess Alcabala taken during 1788 and 1789 to the individuals who paid... 03-31-1789
Izquierdo Nava, Pedro de (comandante) to Chacon, Fernando (gobernador). In surrender of plaza de San Sebastian. 08-03-1794
Irigoyen Martin de Irigoyen. Bill for locksmith repairs on government property. 01-23-1801
Ibanez de la Renteria Juan Ibanez de la Renteria-to-Pedro de Nava (comandante-general) . Communication of royal order. Re: punishments for bribe-taking. 04-28-1802
Irigoyen Fernando Chacon (gobernador). note to Pedro de Nava, acknowledging receipt of appointment as residencia judge for residencia of Juan... 07-14-1802
Isabel . Re: abolition of the inquisition - royal order. 02-22-1813
Itteita Ruis (?), Manuel. Records of contributions to the navajos. 06-30-1814
Isabel Ruiz de Apodaca, Juan. Decree announcing royal marriage. 06-19-1819
Iturbide . Pamphlet dealing with the history of the revolution in Monterey. 00-00-1821
Ibarra . Pamphlet dealing with the history of the revolution in Monterey. 00-00-1821
Iturbide Melgares, Facundo. Copy of viceroyal order prohibiting association with iturbide forces and warning of his plan de igualdad. 05-01-1821
Iturbide Negrete, Pedro Celestino. Encouraging inhabitants of Nueva Vizcaya to support Iturbide. 07-25-1821
Iturbide Hermanos, Troncoso. Blow by blow account of progress of war for independence and important people involved. 08-09-1821
Iturbine Garcia Conde, Alejo. On conduct to be followed to achieve independence. 08-26-1821
Iturbide Garcia Conde, Alejo. On swearing support for Iturbide's independence plan. 08-27-1821
Iraise Ayuntamiento to Melgares, Facundo. Acknowledging receipt of Pino's proclamation and concerning campaign against the navajo. 08-27-1821
Iturbine . September 6, 1821 issue of la Abeja Poblana published in puebla with satire poetry and information on puebla politics. 09-06-1821
Iturbide Imperial regency. Decree ordering verification of proclamation of independence, and the oath of allegiance to the empire. 10-06-1821
Iturbide . November 12, 1821 copy of noticioso general containing news from Spain and Mexico and Iturbide's measures for legislature. 11-12-1821
Iturbide . December 4, 1821 copy of the gaceta imperial del Mexico with news of political and economic interest. Several reports from various... 12-04-1821
Iturbide Iturbide, Agustin de. Circular concerning premiums for the military as decided by the regency. 12-08-1821
Iturbide Iturbide, Agustin de. Copy of a set of documents attacking the author of a seditious pamphlet which attacks the plan de iguala. Action... 12-11-1821
Iturbide Imperial regency. Copy of a decree defining freedom of the press. 12-17-1821
Iturbide Junta suprema gubernativa. Set of regulations and tariff tables for the operation of customs houses under the regime of free trade. 01-20-1822
Iturbide Report of Iturbide's capture of the fuerte de liceaga. 11-20-1812
Irazaula Representation on state of missionization of Indians of Moqui province and rejection of proposal of Agustin de Campos (S.J) to allow... 10-30-1714
Irigoyen Notice to governor of New Mexico of royal plans to establish a bishopric and colegio in Santa Fe and governor's report of insufficient... 12-07-1813
Isamende Fray Pedro de Isamende, and others. Documents concerning request for military escort. 00-00-1737
Isidro Gobernador Pedro de Barrio Junco y Espriella, and others. Documents concerning need for presidios in Nuevo Leon. 01-00-1741
Ibarra Narciso Tapia al Narciso Muniz. Description Apache attack on Janos, and Apache peace negotiations. 12-15-1777
Ignacio Unsigned (many by Juan Bautista Peru). Copies of letters, communications to Jacobo Ugarte de Loyola, 1787, unsigned. 00-00-1787
Ignacio Jacobo Ugarte y Loyola a Antonio Cordero, Juan Bautista Perul letters concerning frontier military affairs. 08-00-1787
Ibiricu Juan Anttonio Busttillo y Zevallos. Residencia proceedings of Busttillo y Zevallos conducted by Manuel de Sandoval (gobernador). 07-08-1733
Inclan Domingo de Hoyos vs. Aparicio Ximenez. Hoyo's expose of plot by Ximenez to assassinate Hoyo. 05-22-1735
Iparraguire Juan Baptista de Iparraguirre vs. Gavriel Castales (capitan). Proceedings concerning pay for running mail and other services. 05-25-1735
Iberico Jose de Urrutia (capitan). Testamentary proceedings concerning Urrutia's estate. 02-27-1741
Iglesias Torivio de Urrutia. Documentos sobre los asesinatos de Joseph Ganzabal y Juan Joseph Sains de Zevallos, ambos de San Xavier. 05-23-1752
Isurieta Domingo Cabello, Teodoro de Croix. Contraband case discussed. 05-09-1780