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Title Date Author(s)
Documents concerning audit of accounts of haciendas owned by Fondo Piadoso during their administration by Sagarraga. 09-09-1800 Sagarraga, Jose (Administrador), Gonzalez Calderon, Miguel, Arcipreste, Francisco
Series of documents concerning expenses made by Sagarraga in preparing for transition of office to Gonzalez del Castillo. 10-10-1799 Sagarraga, Jose (Administrador General), Gomez, Joaquin (Contador), Alva (Fiscal), and others
Series of documents concerning project to increase production at hacienda San Pedro de Ibarra. 02-07-1797 Sagarraga, Jose (Administrador General), Branciforte, Marques de (Virrey), Brabo, Jose Gabriel, and others
Lessees of haciendas Arroyo Zarco and San Jose Mingo request legal action be taken against landlord for unlawful taxation. 02-17-1797 Sagarraga, Josse, Dominguez, Miguel (Licensado)