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Letter from Escandon to virrey complaining of the procedures he was subjected to in the expropriation of his land. 06-28-1769 Croix, Marques de (Virrey), Osorio y Llamas, Joseph (Licenciado), Cornide y Saavedra, Diego Antonio (Asesor), and others
Letters informing virrey about situation of new colony Nuevo Santander. 04-18-1769 Cornide y Savedra, Diego Antonio (Licenciado), Osorio y Llamas, Joseph (Licenciado), Croix, Marques de (Virrey), and others
Correspondence between Mariscal de Campo and Marques de Croix concerning mines, tax collection, other issues. 00-00-1765 Palacio, Juan Fernando de (Mariscal de Campo), Osorio y Llamas, Joseph (Abogado)