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Nine military instancias from colonia of Nuevo Santander. 02-02-1792 Diaz de Bustamante y Berrotaran, Jose Ramon (Capitan), Barberena, Jose Maria de (Sargento), and others
Diarios and letters from Alcala and others to Ugalde concerning monthly military novedades. 09-01-1788 Alcala, Eugenio de (Cavo), Barberena, Joseph Maria, Tixerina, Jose Antonio (Sargento), and others
Series of letters from officers to Ugalde concerning military organization and activities. 00-00-1768 Garza, Yldefonso de la (Teniente), Barberena, Joseph Maria de, Serna, Jose Antonio de la (Teniente)
Investigation of Iracheta's stabbing of Serna 00-00-1798 Barberena, Jose, and others